Nov 11th, 2019, 04:25 AM

Celebrities You Didn't Realize are Changing the World

By Josi Pennington
Image Credit: Flickr/bbybike
Sustainability, Activism, Body Positivity and More

In a time of rising social media activism, there have been more and more celebrities using their platform to speak on political and social issues they believe in. While it's not uncommon to read a post, or tweet that seems to come with minimal action from the celebrity posting it, other stars have taken their words a step further matching them with actions that cannot go unnoticed. Thankfully, we at Peacock Plume don't miss a thing. Here's five stars who you didn't realize are changing the world.

Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers. Image Credit: Flickr/John McNicholas

What's her focus?

Rogers is a fairly new music sensation and has not let a second go to waste in her fight for equal rights. In using her platform, Rogers has been noted focusing on promoting body-autonomy for all. In focusing on women, in particular, Maggie has addressed topics such as abortion laws, safe spaces and safe sex.

What is she actually doing about it?

While Rogers was originally noted as an "online sensation" she has since made sure to use the phrase to her advantage. With social media as her platform, the artist has made a point to speak up when she feels most necessary. Just this past October, Rogers wrote a tweet regarding sexual comments that had been thrown at her during a performance, and scolded them, writing, "I want to use this moment to be very very clear. there is no space for harassment or disrespect or degradation of any kind at my show. be kind to each other out there."

Rogers has more up her sleeve than just her power on social platforms, though. She's also used her platform for the exposure it offers in regards to educating her fans and followers further on equal-rights. While on tour, representatives from both Planned Parenthood and HeadCount Organization joined Rogers for her travels, setting up booths at her concerts to help fans vote, and learn further about free reproductive healthcare for all. 

The 1975

The 1975. Image Credit: Flickr/Chris Schwegler

What's their focus?

As a band that's been known for being unafraid of taking a strong stance on social, and political boundaries, The 1975 has always pushed the envelope. Now, the attention of this band has been turned to the overwhelming problem of the "climate crisis." 

What are they actually doing about it?

The band, as a collective, has been making public efforts to work for the betterment of the environment. As they near their next album drop, and upcoming world tour, the band has announced they'll be producing any new 'The 1975' merchandise on recycled merchandise from past-shows, albums, and projects. "So here is the first drop. We are not making new shirts for now. Unsustainable," Matty Healy -- frontman of The 1975 -- wrote for a post on Instagram. Further, he later tweeted about the cost of The 1975's guest list, writing, "To all friends/artists/fans asking about [the] guest list for shows – [the guest list is] always available, but all will be charged the same price as the ticket, and the money will go to reforestation charities. Not trying to be woke, but it will make a difference."

The band even changed an old band tradition for the sake of raising awareness of the climate crisis. Every fan of 'The 1975' knows the iconic, self-titled song 'The 1975' that heads each album as its opener. While the song varies in sound, it remains the same lyrically, and musically for all renditions, save its most recent one. For the 1975's upcoming album, they released their self-titled song early, and changed it in a way that's not been done before. This time around, layering over the familiar song's chords is the voice of well-known activist Greta Thunburg, reading a call to action of her own writing in regards to the climate crisis. "Unless we recognize the overall failures of our current systems, we most probably don’t stand a chance," Thunburg cries, and The 1975 makes sure all are available to listen.

Terry Crews

Terry Crews. Image credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore

What's his focus?

A man who's fame is based upon his strength, and was originally launched by his NFL Football career (though, now he's a full-time actor and the main character on the popular show Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Crews is the opposite of what many might picture while looking at him. Tall, and heavily muscled, Crews appears to be the textbook definition of "manly." Yet, when he speaks about himself as a man, it's in reference to an issue he holds close to heart: Toxic Masculinity.

What is he actually doing about it?

In the past, toxic masculinity is a topic that's been touched upon, but not brought to light often. The attention of feminists has mainly been on, rightfully, the betterment of female conditions around the globe. Crews opposes this, often bringing the topic of male stigma, and expectations up in an effort to help deconstruct the rules of being a man. He encourages men to allow themselves to break out of societally imposed male rules, such as crying or being particularly emotionally vulnerable. Crews uses his platform and outreach to keep a conversation going that otherwise very rarely gets attention, a feat of which very few other men can relate. 

He's also been known to talk very openly about sexual assaults against men, and how such experiences look different for males, versus females. After being sexually harassed by a "high-level Hollywood executive" (Who Crews later identified as  Adam Venit, a talent agent.) Crews spoke extensively on the experience. He explained how Venit had grasped his genitals in front of both his own and Venit's wife, grinning "like a jerk" the entire time, saying, "The assault lasted only minutes, but what he was effectively telling me while he held my genitals in his hand was that he held the power. That he was in control." After being ostracized by men and women on the internet for not fighting back, as he is clearly strong enough to defend himself, Crews went into detail as to how he was forced to handle the situation as a Black man. "240 lbs. Black Man stomps out Hollywood Honcho’ would be the headline the next day," he wrote, clearly, and succinctly shutting down the taunts. Composed, well-spoken, and educated, Crews fight for men who are unheard, and spoken over lieu of toxic masculinity and expectations around "manliness."

Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil. Image Credit: Flickr/Indulg express

What's her focus?

Jameela Jamil, a British model, actress, radio announcer, writer, and activist has taken a personal focus on body positivity for a range of people, stressing the intersections of her exploits, and efforts in body positivity activism.

What is she actually doing about it?

Finding passion in promoting body positivity for all, Jamil has founded instagram, twitter, and youtube accounts with the handle of @i_weigh, as well as a Facebook account with the handle @IWeighCommunity. The bio of the Instagram account reads, "I Weigh is about radical inclusively, so that no one feels alone. 🎙 Our job is to amplify, advocate, and pass the mic." Further, she includes a link in her bio that takes you to a link tree, that gives it's viewers multiple options to engage in her community. She asks that the community signs a petition, explaining, "Powder over the internet cant make you look like a celebrity who has a personal trainer, a chef, a surgeon and who uses Photoshop. This is false and irresponsible advertising and it is part of a pervasive and disturbing rhetoric that preys upon eating disordered behavior and the new trend of “quick fix” that relies upon a naive and vulnerable customer who is not educated as to the full list of health implications these products and diet restrictions can bring. I'm calling on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat to stop these being posted by celebrities." She offers her story with I Weigh, and direct pathways to connect with the community.

In a recent Instagram post, she wrote, "I don't even want to talk about body positivity anymore. I want to take back control of what women are valued as- Are we traveling? Are we loving? Are we studying? Are we succeeding? Are we growing emotionally?" Powerful, and moving, Jamila has taken a direct, and unrelenting approach to changing the way bodies of all shapes, sizes, and gender are viewed and spoken about.

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding. Image Credit: Flickr/Thomas Hawk

What's her focus?

A musician who's had multiple radio hits, Goulding has gone above and beyond advocating for the health and conservation of the environment during the recent push for global warming awareness.

What is she actually doing about it?

The chart-topping, award winning artist hailing from Britain has taken a specific interest and role in the betterment of mother nature. Appointed as a UN Environment Global Goodwill Ambassador in 2017, Goulding has been working for the environment far before the likes of Thunberg went viral, and brought more attention to global warming issues. In deciding on what to focus on, Goulding has explained her focus on, "amplifying the activism of young people committed to creating a bright future. I want as many people as possible to become advocates for the planet.” Working tirelessly on protecting endangered species, bringing more attention to environmental issues, and tackling climate change, Goulding serves as an environmental inspiration through and through. 

In October of 2017, she was awarded by the United Nations Foundation with the 'New Voices Award' in light of her work with activism concerning both environmental issues, and social justice.

Sometimes, the world and its constant state of chaos can be a bit exhausting to keep up with. It's always good to take a moment to reflect on those who are using their abilities for good among it all. What will you do to be one of those people, today?