Feb 6th, 2023, 09:00 AM

What Your Favorite Parisian Club Says About You

By Aerin Flaharty
Image credit: Unsplash/BaptiseMEREL
How a club of choice defines a clubber status.

If you’re a student at AUP, specifically an American student, you know how to make use of the access to nightlife in Europe. Back in the United States, we tend to suffer from this radical idea called “a ridiculous drinking age”. So, like many other students at AUP adapting to the various questionable items on the side streets of Paris, the metro strikes or the almost unbearable banking system, we are also learning how to party with the Parisians. From club promoters, to "daddy's money", to using rich men for their tables, here's a list of what your favorite Paris club says about you. 


Pachamama is a 5 level club/restaurant located in the 11th arrondissement near Place de la Bastille. Let’s make one thing clear. If you go to Pacha, you’re not original. Chances are, you’re waiting in line for longer than you’ll actually be inside. If you do end up waiting for Pacha though, prepare to pay 20 euros. They give you one drink for free, but you will end up waiting at least another 20 minutes with all the people stuffed in a one way barricade trying to redeem their drink voucher. Now don’t get me wrong, aesthetically speaking, Pachamama is one of the prettiest clubs in Paris and is a fun place to party. The lit up tiles on the ceiling and the hanging lights coming down will definitely make for a good Snapchat story to make your friends back home jealous. If you’ve been to Pachamama you’ve probably told yourself you’re not going to trip down one of the four flights of stairs. And you’ve probably been wrong. Music wise, you’ll either be in for the worst songs or the best songs. They have played “Circle of Life” from The Lion King here. 

Clubber status: Basic.



Located next to the Arc de Triomphe, but technically in the 16th arrondissement, L’Arc is a well known and highly desired club notorious for turning you down if you’re short or wearing a pair of sneakers (yes even if they’re Golden Goose). The entry fee is 25 euros but you should be ready to pay good money for bottle service or flirt with hot men to buy you a drink. The club itself is a small venue with an additional outdoor room. If you’re not a VIP, you’ll be crammed in with the rest of the peasants near the bar. In short, L’Arc could be considered the Berghain of Paris minus the bondage outfits. Everyone wants to get in here during fashion week, but if you're not over 5’8, blonde, attractive or a rich dude paying for a table, good luck partying with Doja Cat or Lil Baby. Don’t forget to take your mirror selfie in the entry room full of tiny white lights, just so people know you’re at L’Arc. 

Clubber status: Hot Sh*t.


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I consider Duplex to be L'Arc’s ugly twin sister. It’s only a block away after all. This one’s for the L’Arc rejects, or the first semester freshman at AUP during orientation week. Everyone knows you only go for the free student entry on Thursdays. Even if it’s free, be warned, because you will run into people you know and you will regret your decision directly after walking down the stairs. Duplex is known for hosting various Erasmus students and simply the people who are just clueless as to where the good partying is in Paris. Depending on the time you arrive, you could end up paying nothing or 25 euros. While the club is pretty big and has two stories, people tend to fill up downstairs where you’ll hear Empire State of Mind and Starships at least three times each in one night. Run away while you can. 

Clubber status: You peaked in high school.


Chez Tania:

I’ll be real. This club looks like you walked into an overly sexualized Pinterest board. Can we talk about the sign that says, “My soul deeper than my throat”? Chez Tania is located in the 1st arrondissement just next to Jardin du Palais Royal. In my experience, there hasn’t been an entry fee other than the bag check. This club has got to be for either some really weird millennials or some really interesting hipsters. Imagine this. VSCO quotes and red LED lights had a baby. Chez Tania is the offspring. If G-Eazy isn’t there when you go, don’t consider attending. Chances are, if you chose to club here, you’re aimlessly wandering for a place to stand, getting bumped into by other people or you’re packed in the tiny box of a smoke room. If you’re into cheesy wall writing though, and are planning on un-archiving the neon signs on your Instagram, this is the place for you.

Clubber status: You plan out your Instagram feed.

Bridge Club:

Bridge Club is located just underneath Pont Alexandre III in the 8th arrondissement and is home to one of the biggest club venues in Paris. At Bridge Club, you can pretend you’re at an underground concert (literally). This club however, takes at least an hour to get into in my experience—and that was with a promoter. So unless you’re prepared for hypothermia or to order an Uber back home after getting tired of waiting, you might want to consider other clubbing options. While it is nice to be able to breathe inside, have space to move and to not be bumped into by a European decked out in Zara, it can also be an underwhelming club. There is a small stage that hosts guest DJs and projects parts of the set onto the wall, but to me, Bridge Club is a mini rave playing American hits. 

Clubber status: You could do better, but not the worst.

Boum Boum:

Let’s be real. A handful of the men that show up at this club should be able to buy you a yacht. Or at least they look like they should. Boum Boum is located in the 8th arrondissement fairly close to the Champs-Élysées and costs 15 euros to enter. While this club is also pretty small, it does have its themes going for it. Boum Boum’s venue changes to “Tam Tam”, a Brazilian themed ambience on Wednesdays. The best part about this club is the confetti that goes off around 3am after a thematic performance of dancers. The bar is pretty much non-existent and if you're found here, you definitely have a table and you’re ordering bottle service. You really only end up at Boum Boum, to look for a celebrity. Oh, and a heads up ladies, Vinnie Hacker was there last weekend. 

Clubber status: Thirsty.


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Clubbing in Paris is an experience like no other. Not knowing whether you’ll run into someone famous, see a mutual from school or even be able to get in is always such an exhilarating experience (and funny to watch). So, it’s safe to say that you’ll have fun almost anywhere you go. Just don’t take my word for it.