Oct 12th, 2018, 04:31 PM

Fortnite: The Game of Our Generation

By Joan Jessiman
Image Credit: Flikr/steamXO
Whether you're dropping into Tilted Towers or just figuring out how to thank the bus driver, Fortnite is taking over the gaming industry.

Fortnite is an online game created by Epic Games that has completely taken over the top spot in the gaming industry. Fortnite can be played by anyone on numerous different consoles for free. If you don’t know what Fortnite is you must be living under a rock, but here's the gist. 100 players are patched into a game with the end goal of being the last one alive. Players jump from a moving bus that travels over an island. As players drop from the bus they land in different towns of the island to collect weapons, health shields, traps, as well as other vital items. Players can hide, build, and become invisible as they “kill” as many players as possible until only one player remains. Think Hunger Games style.

Image Credit: Flikr/starkillerrock

Fortnite was first available at the end of July 2017. Since then, the game has exploded and taken over the TVs and computers of millions around the world. Most online games that are played on consoles such as Xbox, GameCube, and Nintendo Switch require the purchase of their games that range from 10$ to 50$. Fortnite took off so quickly because the game is a free download for anyone. Though one does not have to purchase the game, there are in-game purchases that can be made if wanted. The game had over 125 million players after its first year out.

Online games in the past such as GrandTheft Auto, Halo, and Minecraft were hugely popular when they were first released. Fortnite is different than any other game in that its a huge 100 person game with one winner. Unlike past games where as you achieve wins and goals you have more advantages and unlocked items, Fortnite is nothing like this. When the 100 people drop into the game every player starts with nothing. It creates a completely even playing field when the game starts to search for guns. What players love about this is that even if you're just a new player you have the same chance to win the game as someone who plays all day (which a lot of people do).

Another interesting feature which is new in Fortnite is what happens when a player is killed. Unlike other games such as Grand Theft Auto, where blood spews as a player dies, in Fortnite instead of showing blood as a player is eliminated, all of the guns and items they collected are left for who killed them. The game is very lifelike and funny but does not include gruesome blood. Players at any time can make their avatar bust out in dance just for fun or to celebrate a kill.

Image Credit: Flikr/Whelsko

Roughly 40 million people log in each month to play the online game which is not only fun for those playing but also for those watching. E sports, a website that tracks gaming statistics, notes that most players come from The United States, followed by France, Canada, and Germany. Not only are millions signing in to play as solo players, but people also play in pairs, teams of four or huge 50 v 50 squads. Fortnite is bigger and more played than any other game of its kind. Most other ‘shooter games’ target a demographic they're trying to reach. Fortnite, however, is played by people of all ages across the world. Though only one person can play on a gaming system per time, players are able to play with friends across consoles. 

Not only is Fortnite played by game obsessed teenagers but also people who play video games for a living. There are many famous gamers that are paid to play Fortnite and get massive salaries in doing so. Fortntie gamers such as “Ninja” have huge fan bases and thousands of people that watch them play. According to Twin Galaxies, over 645,000 people watched as Ninja played Fortnite with rapper Drake last March. In the past months there have been tournaments that include celebrities, famous gamers, and regular players in which tens of thousands stream online. 

Image Credit: Joan Jessiman 

Its no secret that teenage boys and young men are loving Fortnite. Many play it at any opportunity and take pride in how many kills they have. In order to get the best understanding of the game as well as the hype surrounding it, some avid Fortnite players answered some questions about the game.

Stuart Edwards, a senior at AUP, said, "I had first heard murmurings online as well as stuff mentioned by friends with younger siblings, but I was never very aware of what it even was until my current roommate, knowing I had a  Nintendo Switch, asked me to download it. I didn't know until I looked that it was free, and I’m a sucker for free games, so I downloaded it."

Stuart explained that he was quickly a fan of the game but, "hadn't been into shooter type games in the past." When asked what kind of player he was Edwards replied, "I started by just running around and collecting things but became much more oriented towards “elimination” as I got more comfortable. I’ve recently started training to build well in firefights, which gives a competitive advantage." 

Image Credit: Joan Jessiman via Giphy

Filip Anger, a student in Stockholm, talked about loving the fact that the game was a free download, but was willing to pay for in-game purchases saying, "Since downloading it yes, I have purchased in-game coins since the game is free. I wanted to support the developers and so far have enjoyed the cosmetic items that are offered with coins."

Anger, like many other players, can purchase items in the online store or pay to move up to higher levels. Everyone loves Fortnite for one reason or another, whether it be for the thrill of being the winner of the fun of collecting items, it truly is addicting. When asked what his favorite aspect of the game was, Anger replied saying, "I like the social aspect of Fortnite. It is almost unique as it makes groups of people stay online for a long time similar to a conference call. It can be a teamwork game."

So there it is. The game that has taken over the online gaming industry and the tv screens of millions around the world. Fortnite continues to improve and advance each day and will continue to be the biggest and most widely played game of our century.