Mar 17th, 2024, 12:00 PM

Fittest Finds

By Kiara Carrière
BB Blanche Pool
BB Blanche Pool, Image Credit: Kiara Carrière
A Parisian's guide to wellness and fitness in Paris

These days, wellness and fitness centers are on virtually every Paris street. The question is, which ones offer the best services and monetary value? This guide is a foolproof list of my favorite wellness and fitness spots in Paris, from my go-to gym to my hero hair salon; these spots never miss.


Blanche - Subscription: €195/month - 21, rue Blanche - 75009


There are hundreds of gyms in Paris, but only some are worth the price. There are so many factors to consider when dedicating yourself to a gym. For starters, you must determine what you're willing to pay. You also need to see if investing in a high-end gym is helpful for you. It might not be the best idea if you only go a few times a year. But if you are motivated and prepared to pay the price, Blanche is one of the best gyms in Paris, perhaps in all of France. This gym is a sanctuary for many, some even referring to it as a "temple." 

Have you ever heard of the Ken Club? If you answered no, you're not alone. Few people know about this private group. Home to three luxurious gyms in Paris, they are number one on the market compared to their competitors, who offer lesser and more pricier services. In my opinion, their first on the podium is Blanche. Their other two are called Ken and Klay Club. Ken and Klay are not in the center of Paris like Blanche, and their prices are higher (for the same services). 

Blanche sets the tone. As soon as you enter, you feel like you are in another universe. Your jaw will immediately drop when you see the floors, the high ceilings, and the beautiful crown moldings; you will forget you're in a gym; Blanche sits in a private hotêl particulier. Nevertheless, Blanche has 3000 square meters of training rooms with high-tech equipment, a vast swimming pool, a SPA, and a restaurant.


Bodybuilding and cardio are just a few examples of what Blanche offers. Blanche provides the latest models of machinery to push yourself further and surpass your limits. Innovative activities, including TRX and extreme HIIT Yoga, as well as classics like the floor bar, are offered at Blanche. The extravagance extends to the changing rooms, which provide a sauna, spa room, and exclusive beauty products. Blanche is a place of well-being, restoration, and rest. I've tried many gyms in Paris, but none left me as excited for my next visit as Blanche.


Love Nails - 16 Rue Victor Massé, 75009.

Image Credit: Kiara Carrière

There is a thin line between love and hate, and nail care constantly flirts with that line. Lacking the necessary equipment and the qualifications, most people opt for professional applications. The downside is the steep prices and the possibility of less-than-satisfactory results. If you're a perfectionist like me, you probably agree that expressing your desired vision to strangers is very complicated. Then you're inevitably faced with the dilemma, "should I opt for a cheaper place and get subpar results?" or, "should I break the bank a bit but get better results?" Love Nails allows for the best of both worlds. Here, you will be confident about your manicure, and your bank account won't be left in peril. One of the best elements of this salon is its location. Generally, nail salons that offer affordable services are located in fairly remote areas of Paris. However, Love Nails is located in the center of Paris in the 9th arrondissement, between Pigalle and Rue des Martyrs. Though the interior is not breathtaking, a gel manicure costs just €25. If you decide to try Love Nails, ask for Dondong. She's the boss, speaks both English and French, and is super friendly!

Laser Hair Removal

Institut Lazeris - 45 Rue de Courcelles Angle, Rue de Monceau, 75008.


Body hair is often a taboo subject. While it is not something to be ashamed of, many desire to rid themselves of their unwanted hair. Waxing hurts, and shaving is tiring. Are you dreaming of a long-term solution? The answer is laser hair removal. However, this procedure comes with two apprehensions: price and pain. Having tested many laser centers, this is the best one I've tried. The Institut Lazeris welcomes you to a beautiful clinic located near Parc Monceau. Their team comprises qualified doctors, and the staff ensures a clean and tidy environment. The best element, however, is their unbeatable prices. They sell packages at reasonable prices, especially compared to competitors, and offer discounts. The doctors apply numbing cream to ensure a painless removal, and their staff is very friendly and attentive. You can't beat this place!


Salon Chaillot - 6 Rue de Chaillot, 75016 Paris


Hair is a sacred feature for many, and common fears include the hairdresser cutting an undesired amount, the color turning out wrong, or leaving the salon looking completely botched. A hairdresser is either good or bad; there really is no in-between. Salon Chaillot is guaranteed to care for your hair, and their staff consists of experts in color and brushing. They are attentive and patient and won't charge you an obscene amount. Entrusting your hair to their expertise means you're not merely hoping for satisfaction; you're securing a guarantee that you will walk out of the salon not just pleased with the results but deeply impressed by the transformation and care your hair has received. 

These handpicked wellness and fitness havens promise rejuvenation and a slice of Parisian vitality. Whether breaking a sweat in a cutting-edge gym or changing up your "do" at a hair salon, each experience encapsulates the essence of well-being. Don't hesitate to try these beautiful spots, tested and approved by a Parisian local.