Mar 21st, 2020, 08:00 PM

Your Style Is The Best Style

By Jason Treffry
A northern traveler reminds us to dress for yourself

When you hear someone referring to fashion trends in the United States, you most likely think of them created by movie stars, music artists, or influencers in New York city, Los Angeles or Miami. But what do you think of trends curated in the state of Minnesota? Henry Rohlf, born and raised in Minnesota, introduces his bold, contemporary, street style wherever he goes.

Henry grew up in a family that traveled often, which explains his early introduction to various fashion styles. 

"Experiencing other countries as a kid not only helped me appreciate other cultures, but it also piqued my interest in different fashion vibes, and I’ve been hooked ever since”, he explains. Henry is a tall, confident extrovert. If you don’t see him coming, you’ll hear him coming. This energy translates directly into his street style where he doesn’t shy away from what calls “a strong comeback of…oversize coats” and “bold, all-over prints”.

Henry playing after the rain, Image Credit: Jason Treffry
Henry posing, Image Credit: Jason Treffry

Not only is Henry’s fashion style a noticeable part of who he is, but his long, golden hair cannot go unnoticed: “besides one light trim, I haven’t cut it in over two years” he says. What started as something “just for fun” has turned into a proud part of Henry’s identity. A classic look, which has varied over time but has remained over decades, is still recognized as one of 2020’s biggest hair trends.

 Henry posing, Image Credit: Jason Treffry


Henry playing with his hair, Image Credit: Jason Treffry


Henry posing, Image Credit: Jason Treffry

Regardless of whether you believe a look is trendy or out of date, Henry encourages everyone to express themselves in whatever way makes them happy.  “If you only want to wear what’s current, then go for it, or if you want to rep a vintage look, then do so” , he declares.

Style resounds globally but also speaks to the individual. So, rock your look but respect others’ as well. Fashion is like ice cream; there’s a flavor for everyone!