Nov 11th, 2017, 05:30 PM

What the Shoes?

By Anastasija Baiko
Image credit: Flickr/Erno Mijland
Top 5 questionable SS18 shoe trends.

With every new season there is some form of change, be it the change in weather or the latest trends surfacing. The fresh off the runway Spring-Summer 2018 collection just hit the local boutiques, online shops, and Instagrams screaming: purchase it. Clothing is not the issue here, seeing as that department has already been a bit of a rollercoaster for a while now. Now it's the shoes that shock. Elegant and clean are keywords for how we've usually perceived and wanted our shoes to be, at least until now, but this idea has somewhat drastically changed, especially with the latest runway drop.

1: Céline

How can you ruin the look of the classic boot? Easy, just pick a strange nose for the shoe and introduce a new heel that will clearly only last you this season. Voila, you just got one more disturbing shoe out there. Céline is known for their classic look and comfort—a nude color themed laid-back style promising good quality. Their shoes have always been a mixture of classic and delicate, but now, here we have the Stitched Mid Boot for the steep price of 890 euros. Sporty on top, pointy at the front, and a heel which almost fuses with the front. Here you have the new Céline boot. 

Céline's Stitched Mid Boot. Image credit: Anastasija Baiko/Celine

2: Gucci

The Princetown Fur shoe collection, doesn't that sound all fine and dandy? Well, it's not, unless you consider hairy shoes, which are slippers, classy. To make it even worse, let's imagine pouring rain, then obviously escalating the perceived problematics of these Gucci slippers. Now we've got a case of "wet shoe," and the bearer looking more like they're out and about to clean the streets than to show off their overpriced "beauties." The price usually ranges from 695-1500 euros, however, a pair of Princetown Croco Slippers, shown below, is retailed at the staggering price of 8600 euros. 

Gucci's Princetown Croco slippers. Image credit: Anastasija Baiko

3: Alberta Ferretti

As a continuation on the subject of the hairy slipper, Gucci isn't alone, the Italian luxury brand Alberta Ferretti is a faithful accomplice in the promotion of hairy shoes. Theirs typically range from 700-1000 euros, perhaps better balanced, if you ask me, but still out of hand. The Mia Mule Hibou for 995 euros, captured below, is one of the more expensive ones from the collection, and it makes me question whether my feet are supposed to be in the midst of a fairytale or what not? 

Alberta Ferretti's Mia Mule Hibou slippers. Image credit: Anastasija Baiko

4: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand

Have you ever dreamt of wearing worn-out shoes, all scratched up and dirty looking? Look no further, as the Golden Goose Superstar sneakers have been on the market for a while already, but they are just getting more and more popular, so now you can choose from an even larger variety of colors. Filled with glitter and stars, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand doesn't seem too deluxe when you look at the borders of the shoes—all scratched and worn. The price ranges from 300-400 euro, which is downright questionable. 

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand's Superstar sneakers. Image credit: Anastasija Baiko

5: Balenciaga

Balenciaga presented us with the Triple S trainers, which are heavy-looking sneakers with the look of about three years of wear. These sneakers, priced at a whopping 650 euros, became an instant success, not because they're stylish, but rather because of the marketing strategy. They came in limited supply, so a significant amount of people are on the waiting list impatiently awaiting a pair of shoes which any self-respecting person would be skeptical to wear. 

Balenciaga's Triple S trainers. Image credit: Anastasija Baiko