Sep 19th, 2018, 01:06 PM

What are Students in Paris Actually Wearing?

By Alizée Chaudey
Image Credit: Alizée Chaudey
AUP's street styles.
As Paris Fashion Week is roaming the streets of Paris once again, I decided to take a look at what students of the American University of Paris are actually wearing this fall. As the weather yo-yo's, the key is to layer, and not lock away your summer pieces just yet. 

Farouk A. "Hide, transform and express"

Name: Farouk Adekunle

Age: 18

Nationality: Ivorian

Farouk gets his fashion inspiration from what is around him, as well as what makes him feel good. "Fashion is not only a way to express yourself, but also a way to hide," He began to explain, "you choose the vibe you put out and make it whatever you want it to be." One fashion rule that Parisians live by is to keep it simple - don't try too hard. 

"My sweater is from Topman, the shirt is from H&M, and my sweats are thrifted from a local Parisian boutique. As for my feet, the high socks are Nike, they are are the comfiest thing ever. My shoes are Vans 'Old Skool." Balancing thrift finds and well-known brands items, Farouk prioritizes items that allow him to be comfortable, yet still remain stylish on a day-to-day basis.

Image Credit: Alizée Chaudey 

Salma E. "Fashion is everything around you"

Name: Salma Elsabban

Age: 21

Nationality: Egyptian

"I used to be skinnier - not that I'm fat now, but I used to be fashion industry skinny. Since I've gained weight, I've shifted what I wear to make me feel more comfortable in my own body." For Salma, body image plays a big role in choosing how to dress. It's not about what size you are, it's about what clothes fit you best. More important than that, what you wear should accentuate the features you like about yourself. It's about body positivity. "I can't really pinpoint what my style is. I get inspiration from everything around me: Instagram, YouTube, and social media in general." Salma wants to work in the fashion industry after college. "You can get inspiration from anything around you. People say art is everywhere, this is especially true regarding fashion: fashion is everywhere."

"The jacket is from a thrift store in Amsterdam, my sweater is from H&M, the skirt is from Monki. My tights are Camaïeux, and the shoes are Minelli."

Image Credit: Alizée Chaudey

Robin S. "Fashion as a short-lived art"

Name: Robin Scaramela

Age: 32

Nationality: French

Robin gets his fashion inspiration from the artists that produce the music he listens to. "I love Mac Miller's style. As well as Pharrell Williams's - although I rarely dress as colorful as him." To Robin, Fashion is a short-lived art - a metaphor of society at any moment in time. Each piece tells a story, it is a reflection of the era it belongs to. 

"My t-shirt used to belong to my dad. It's an RG512 I believe; but I tend to wear Tealer t-shirts, it's a friend's brand. My pants are classic 510 Levis and the shoes are Nike."

Image Credit: Alizée Chaudey

Katerina M. "Convey what I'm too shy to express"

Name: Katerina McGrath

Age: 20

Nationality: American

Kate gets a lot of her fashion inspiration from fashion photography in magazines. She keeps up with the trends of the fashion capital, yet chooses to balance out the Parisian with a personal twist. "I have a huge collection of giant t-shirts and band tees that I would never throw away." For Kate, style is about mixing sacrifice and comfort. "Don't overdress. Balance is important." Mixing casual and dressier pieces is a good idea. "Fashion allows me to express myself," she explained, "the outfits I decide to put on give me the opportunity to convey parts of myself that I'm sometimes too shy to show otherwise."

"The top I'm wearing is from Brandy Melville, I got it a few years ago. The belt is from Madewell, the jeans are white BDG from Urban Outfitters, and the shoes are a Parisian thrift shop find. I love them."

Image Credit: Alizée Chaudey

​​​​​​Zoë H. "Street style meets classic French"

Name: Zoë Habar

Age: 18

Nationality: French - American

Living most of her life in Paris, Zoë's outfit inspiration has been driven by the fashion capital. "My style is street-style meets classic French women." Zoë loves shoes, particularly sneakers, with which she dresses up or down, depending on the day. 

"The turtleneck is from Petit Bateau, I stole it from my mom. The joggers are from Adidas, and the shoes are Fila. The fanny pack ('banana' as the French call it) is thrifted and contains my entire life."

Image Credit: Alizée Chaudey