Feb 1st, 2019, 02:35 PM

Viktor & Rolf Paris Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2019: A Powerful Statement

By Jacinda Carlisle
Viktor & Rolf Paris Haute Couture Carousel SS 19. Image Credit:  Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images
Viktor & Rolf Paris Hate Couture Carousel SS 19. Image Credit: Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images
Does fashion have the power to define us?

As the current fashion week comes to a close, we reflect on what couture showed us.

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren of the Dutch fashion house Viktor & Rolf took the Paris runways by storm during their latest haute couture show. Featuring a carousel of 18 tulle gowns yielding authoritative “Fashion Statements,” the high-fashion meets Instagram collection featured a creative juxtaposition of femininity coupled with hand-sewn commonly utilized social media and Internet slogans. 

According to WWD, during a preview of the collection, Snoeren noted ,"It's the kind of message you find on social media, with the same instant feeling." The goal was to create a "strange contradiction." He added, "All these statements that are so obvious or easy — there's a lot of banality on Instagram and social media in general — are counterbalanced with this over-the-top, shimmery, romantic feeling." 

As French haute couture is generally reserved for a wealthy elite, this marriage of elaborate gowns and commonplace phrases makes a statement of its own.

Viktor & Rolf Paris Haute Couture SS 19. Image Credit:  Alessandro Viero/Gorunway.com

Ethereally gliding to the wistful, melodic and choral voices of Erland Cooper’s “Whitemaa,” a diverse, fairytale-esque roster of models donning long locks paraded the stage in voluminous frocks displaying bold, colorful messages.

Gowns were embellished with such audacious renderings including “I am my own muse,” “Freedom,” “No photos please,” “Sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come”, the popular word “NO,” which has made an appearance in a number of the brand’s collections, and “I want a better world.” 

Fashion is unequivocally about making a statement. Through clothing, shoes, culture, hair, accessories and a myriad of additional articles and symbols, a personal expression is reflected. Viktor & Rolf’s recent haute couture collection speaks to just that — delivering a statement, while leaving the beholder to draw their own conclusions and interpretations around the exuberant styles and adorned wording presented on the runway. Further, it brings to mind our individual fashion choices made each day.

Viktor & Rolf Paris Haute Couture SS 19. Image Credit:  Alessandro Viero/Gorunway.com

Seemingly feminist in nature, Viktor & Rolf’s haute couture presentation was significantly layered in notes of diversity, gender equality and inclusion. Taking a sartorial page from the world-renowned fashion designers, each of us has the power to determine who we are, what we wish to present, our personal terms, how we decide to show up in the world and to use our own voices - when and as we choose, either collectively or individually.