Apr 3rd, 2019, 02:10 PM

Typology: The New Face of Skincare

By Tahira Talout
Typology's campaign for their Raw collection. Image Credit: https://www.typology.com
This Paris-based brand has taken all-natural to the next level.

Typology is a Paris-based brand created to radically shift the consumption of skincare. Their website clearly lays out different mixes for face masks, each for a specific skincare goal, with products that you can mix yourself to personalize your skincare routine. The ingredients are all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free, ethically-sourced and made in France. Although the site just went live on February 18, 2019, the brand is expected to take off, as it adheres four major trends in today’s consumerist society: the rise of skincare, all-natural ingredients, do-it-yourself products, and all available on an easy-to-navigate online platform. Being a digital-native brand, there are no existing Typology brick-and-mortar stores. However, in today’s digital age, new brands that are built and only live online have proven to be quite successful. 

The brand’s overall marketing platform as an all-natural brand extends even beyond the products themselves. The brand uses no exterior packaging in order to control waste, and their bottles are all made either with glass, for the smaller sized products, or recycled plastic, for the larger, in order to avoid becoming too heavy. Typology is, however, dedicated to finding a solution so as to cease the use of plastic altogether. They chose to use aluminum for their tubes and other utensils, as it is one of the most resistant materials and one of the only metals that can be recycled. Finally, the brand addresses a major concern for many consumers who want to buy within this category but claim the pricing can be discriminating: the price-point is reasonable, ranging from €9.50 for a bottle of Hydration Serum, and €23.10 for an entire array of ingredients and utensils for the do-it-yourself face mask.

Do-it-yourself Face Mask. Image Credit: Typology Website

Typology also markets themselves as a scientifically intelligent and advanced brand through its Lab selection. These highly concentrated serums are formulated based on a specific molecule or combination of molecules, along with different vitamins and minerals, to produce a product that is focused on a precise skincare goal, whether it be anti-aging, moisturizing, etc.

Skincare products themselves have been on the rise. According to a report conducted by Cosmetics Industry Worldwide, skincare has been and remains to be the most profitable product category over the last five years. Today, the focus has shifted more specifically to natural skincare products. The latest research conducted by Persistence Market Research predicts that the organic beauty market will reach $22 billion in sales in the coming five years. This projected growth is attributed the blending of concerns with health and wellness lifestyles and sustainability initiatives, and Typology has certainly placed itself well in adhering to these trends.


Typology Serums. Image Credit: Typology Website

Similarly, the do-it-yourself trend in the beauty and cosmetics industry has been on the rise since L’Oréal came out with do-it-yourself hair coloring in a box. From purchasing fixer-upper homes to putting your own rips in denim, DIY products have spread throughout many different markets. One thing do-it-yourself brings to the cosmetic and beauty industry is something today’s consumers hold to a higher value: transparency. When the consumer is able to mix the ingredients in the products themselves, it allows him or her to ensure they know everything they’re putting on their skin. This kind of visibility is highly valued by the Typology consumer and highlights the importance that nothing is hidden from the user, especially when it comes to a product used on the skin.