Feb 6th, 2017, 11:48 PM

Trend Watch: Artistic Wire Nails

By Lianna Bass
Image Credit: @nail_unistella / instagram.com
The first hot nail style of 2017

Eun Kyung Park, manicurist extraordinaire and owner of Unistella Salon in Seoul, blew our minds in 2015 with her daring Broken Glass nails. Her latest vision – even more artful and unique – is the first hot nail trend of 2017.

I give you: Wire Nails.

Image Credit: @nail_unistella / instagram.com
Eun Kyung Park, owner of Unistella Salon in Seoul, Korea, made headlines in 2015 with her daring Broken Nail look. Image Credit: @nail_unistella / instagram.com

To achieve the intricate manicures highlighted on the nail guru’s Instagram page, Park uses very thin gold wire. It may take some practice, but this look is definitely obtainable at home!

Image Credit: @nail_unistella / instagram.com

Though it takes a certain amount of patience and skill to manipulate the wire, the rest of the process is easy: 

1 | Paint a layer of clear polish to the nail and gently place your metal masterpiece until it sticks.

2 | Cure the lacquer under a UV light until the nails are set.

3 | Finish them off with another coat of clear polish.

 Just keep in mind that metal can be sharp! Pay particular attention to the ends.

Image Credit: buzzfeed.com
Image Credit: @nail_unistella / instagram.com
Image Credit: buzzfeed.com

Et voilà! From abstract Picasso-esque masterpieces, to simple straight lines of gold, this trend is a 10/10!