Apr 16th, 2021, 08:00 PM

Sweatpants Are Here To Stay

By Lara Olsson
Credit: Creative Commons
Image credit: Unsplash/Mike Von
Here's everything you need to know about the new sweatpant evolution.

Sweatpants have always been relevant. On those cloudy, damp days we tend to lean towards the first thing in order to stay cozy and comforted in our homes. They feel loose, soft, and comfortable, three words that are nonnegotiable for today’s times in regard to clothing. Upon analyzing upcoming clothing trends, I couldn’t help but notice how sweatpants have been paired differently than in the past. I’ll be investigating three different ways in which sweatpants are utilized in today’s fashion trends, keeping cool and convenient. 

1. Blazers 

To begin with, sweatpants are frequently paired with blazers. Brands like SPORTY AND RICH and ARITZIA have become inspired by Princess Diana's style, implementing sweats to make a look more put together. Something that is arguable though is changing the fabric of sweatpants. The goal is to keep cool while still being comfortable. The owner of Sporty and Rich believes, "For some, sweatpants are a sign that you’ve given up. Whoever said this doesn’t know how to style them correctly. Sweatpants can be easily elevated with a pair of embellished Manolo mules, a Rolex, nice jacket, or oversized wool blazer."


2. Cargo-style

Sweatpants have been now made into a cargo style. According to Giulia Olsson, a Berkeley college grad, cargo sweatpants have actually made her daily activities a lot easier to do due to their utmost comfort while making her feel confident. As a result, she gets more things done as she’s excited to start her day, slip into her clothes, and go about in comfort. She says, “Cargo sweatpants are everywhere these days. I think I favor them over any other style because they come with necessary excess of pockets, they’re kind of streetwear chic with a utility vibe and can come in any cut or shape you may need.” In accordance with Olsson, I believe they are functional, which is something that people are striving for when dressing up. 


3. Colors and Prints

Sweatpants come in so many different colors and prints rather than the traditional gray tones made by GAP in the 90s. Several employees that are now working from home for a year now believe sweatpants are the way to go. Better yet, they became more inclined to buy sweatpants now than ever before. It's not just because they’re staying home more, but because the colors are so appealing and comforting to their eyes. Due to working with Aritzia, I've come across various data signifying that their sales skyrocketed once they started introducing more colors and patterns to their websites. The idea of having something fresh and joyful give people glimmers of hope while keeping in comfort for a new beginning after the pandemic. 

So sweatpants are here to stay, perhaps even replacing the blue jean tradition. Now that sweatpants are seen in a new light, one far from a relaxed descendent of jeans, people feel comforted to be relaxed and enjoy all their time off. They so vividly represent everyday living whether coming in tighter fittings, tie-dye patterns, or cargo styles. They simply look good with everything, and better yet, they make you feel good too!