Feb 6th, 2017, 06:03 PM

Style Guide: Dressing with Distressed Denim

By Sofia Penton
Image Credit: fashionallure.com
The classic blue jean can say everything without taking too much time to put it together.

Imagine dressing with a twist. When you create an outfit there are always two extremes: either it took you 3 hours to put together or you have one piece that creates the whole look in 2 minutes. I created tips on the best way to style distressed denim. 

Cuffs and Hems

I usually stick to the neutral colors, but I fell in love with this Emerald green classic Chanel bag and thought it gave the look a great balance. The top is simple, yet elegant. The two-tone jean and its irregular hems add edge to the otherwise timeless ensemble. The hat screams chic and collected. Even though the shoes are comfortable they create a fashionable flair. 


Comfortable & Classy

The jeans are not your basic skinny cut. This straight and slightly wider than cigarette cut along with the red heel would do wonders for your legs and your look! In these jeans you appear taller and leaner. The snug sweater adds a cozy vibe that neutralizes the ensemble. 


Define color 

The modest cropped turtle neck works well because it shows off the high waisted jeans. This way the jeans can accentuate your waist. The bottom of the jeans are my favorite. It is the perfect cut which allows you to wear either fashionable flats or hot heels. This eclectic Gucci bag completes the look.

Celebrities featured rocking their distressed denim

Image Credit: becomegorgeous.com

Image Credit: fashionbombdaily.com