Mar 6th, 2017, 11:09 PM

That Special Sparkle: Stories Behind the Jewelry

By Katie Zambrano
Image credit: Pixabay/Gadini
Take a peak at the pieces of jewelry that AUP's student body holds dear.

Anyone familiar with AUP knows the sense of style inherent in the student body. And of course, this includes a particular taste for jewelry.  For some, jewelry is nothing but a mere trendy fashion statement, but for others, it is a way to bring the past into the present; it gives meaning to something that once was. With such diverse backgrounds, AUP students are sure to have equally as diverse stories behind their chosen accessories.

Esmeralda Louvat—Freshman.

Image credit: Katie Zambrano

Image credit: Katie Zambrano

Rings: "The elephant ring [was] actually purchased in Paris sixty years ago... from a vintage store, and it was my grandma's. The infinity ring with the three colors has the colors of the French flag and the American flag because I'm French and American. They're also the three birthstones of my mom, my sister, and me, in descending order. And, the ring on the far left was my grandma's first ring and my mom's first ring, and now it's mine—also bought in Paris.

Necklace: The Chanel [necklace] is vintage that I got here... the rest are just fashionable pieces."

Samantha Stiteler—Freshman

Image credit: Katie Zambrano

Image credit: Katie Zambrano

Image credit: Katie Zambrano

Watch: "The watch is my mom's ... it just barely fits and I wear it everyday, except when I have a premonition I'll be absent-minded and then it'll get stolen from me, so I won't wear it!"

Necklace: "The gold necklace is my guardian angel necklace. I squeeze it whenever I have a good, energy-filled moment, so it's super special to me. I always wear it with this beaded necklace that my upstairs neighbor in San Francisco, named Pat, made me ... they look like one necklace, which is fabulous!"

Earrings:​ "I just started wearing these earrings ... I like them because in different light they sometimes look amber, or purple, or pink."

Bracelet: "The bracelet matches one that I got for my sister for her twenty-second birthday in Paris. And it has stars stamped into it, which is significant and special for us."

Juliet Cimini—Freshman

Image credit: Katie Zambrano

Rings: "The one on my index finger is a coin inside a ring. I got it in Rome with my mom during this past February break. We got it from an amazing local artist ... it means a lot to me because it reminds me of her. Thinking of my mom makes me think of home, so it's super sentimental. I wear it everyday with my birthstone ring, which my mom also gave me on my sixteenth birthday; It's a garnet, for the month of January."