Jan 30th, 2016, 04:10 PM

Huygens: Tailor-Made Organic Skin Care

By Venicia Martinet
Image credit: realdecor-agencement.com
Organic skin care in one of Paris' chicest neighborhoods.

Running around and stressed out? Tired and on edge? Nothing is better than a nice, hot bath to take the pressure off. It is a time of happiness and relaxation. A moment where we can forget the troubles of the day, and the body and spirit enjoy the different smells from soaps, oils and shampoo. What we might not realize is that taking a bath might be harmful due to all the chemicals that have now invaded our bathroom. Parabens, sulphates, silicone, synthetic dyes, fragrances and nanoparticles poison beauty formulas and, by proxy, our bodies. My solution? Throwing out the products from the petrochemical industry and stocking up on the organic and all natural products from Parisian skin care brand Huygens.

The idea here is to choose the mix of essential oils best suited for your skin or hair. Many people have reservations about using organic skin care products because they often do not smell very nice, or can have thick, paste-like textures. Though Huygens' products are organic, they feel and smell deliciously good, leaving the skin soft and and hair silky smooth. Huygens' products are formulated using a special steam distillation process that allows for high quality oils derived from plant, fruit and flower extracts.

Image credit: beautistas.com

Their principle is simple: you start by choosing a neutral base. Then a member of the team happily explains the mix of aromatic and plant oils used in formulating the product you have chosen. The smells use aromatherapy to give you an amazing sensation of relaxation and well being. When I visited the store, it took me a solid hour to choose from Dream of Summer, Tree of Life, Verbena or Rosier. To be honest, I had a lot of fun choosing my products. Ultimately, I decided on an entirely different scent for my body care product: the Morning Blend with notes of ripe and zesty fruit. To treat my damaged hair, stressed by the pollution of the city, I decided on the Rosewood, a delicate fusion of Earl Grey and rosebuds. For my face, the Soft Scrub, a blend of rice powder, sesame oil and green tea promising to be super effective in brightening the complexion and smoothing the features!

With all those products and more to choose from, you are guaranteed to feel as good as new without the stress of putting hazardous chemicals on your skin.

The best part is that Huygens is that they do not perform animal testing! Additionally, they use biodegradable packaging and source from raw materials that grow in Italy and France.

HUYGENS, 24 rue du temple, 75004, Paris, online shop www.huygens.fr