Feb 20th, 2020, 08:10 PM

NUEVE DOS CINCO: Decontextualizing Jewelry

By Adriana Alonso
Nueve Dos Cinco logo
Discover the process of Josefina Bailléres' sustainable accessory line, and the inspiration behind it.

When we think about Mexican handicrafts, colorful embroidery and anything Frida Kahlo-ish is likely what comes to mind. However, 25-year-old designer (and close friend of mine) Josefina Bailléres is taking a different approach for her accessory line NUEVE DOS CINCO. Based on her heritage, personal experiences and childhood, she gets her inspiration from charros, traditional Mexican horsemen.  

The pieces are ordered to be custom-made for each client to make them more personal. I got to talk to Josefina on the phone since she is currently in Mexico, her hometown. I asked her about the most personalized item she’s created. She said, “I made a friendship bracelet for me and my best friend. They were actually welded while we wore them, so we can’t take them off.” The signature element to her designs are silver ropes. She replicates the roping and weaving techniques of charreria. Most of her pieces are polished and crafted by Mexican silversmiths. 

The Cuerdas Mini Series Silver woven bags, Image credits: Josefina Bailléres

All accessory pieces are crafted exclusively in 925 silver. With strong environmental values, Josefina chose this alloy because of its ability to be reused indefinitely and refined responsibly. Josefina will take in silver items that are no longer used from their clients in order to alter the design state of the material. “Not a gram of Silver is wasted,” she affirms. 

The Cha AirPods Holder, Image credits: Josefina Bailléres

With sustainability as one of her core values as a designer, many of her pieces are customizable and have interchangeable pieces. “This will not only personalize the product but will give it maximum functionality and a longer lifespan,” Josefina explained. These items include The Cuerdas, an earpiece with four different silver ropes that the customer can mix and match and her silver woven bags. These can be complemented with smaller bags to accommodate the client’s needs.

The Cuerdas interchangeable earpiece, Image credit: Josefina Bailléres

The most significant pieces in her repertoire are The Doña and The Don glasses. They consist of a silver frame and a loop where jewelry can be added to style the glasses.  The inspiration behind these glasses is Josefina’s dad, whom she remembers had to change his glasses constantly due to his different sight difficulties. Therefore, the eyepiece can be easily changed with an integrated mechanism, allowing customers to change the prescription, color, and shape of the lens.

The Doña Glasses, Image credit: Josefina Bailléres

With around ten pieces in her first collection, Josefina is currently working on her second, which is estimated to launch this summer. As to what we can expect for her next collection, the young designer says she will continue to work with silver but is currently focused on mastering new techniques. She also says she would like to incorporate precious stones into her work,  “My techniques and inspiration have been changing lately, but the core values of my process and products will stay the same.”

With a long future ahead of her, Josefina is hoping her work will soon reach an international audience. Make sure to follow her on Instagram to keep up with her current designs.