Mar 5th, 2017, 02:36 PM

Marina Willms Makes Colourful Splash at LFW

By Lianna Bass
German Designer Marina Willms with model Nick Flatt during the debut show of her new line 'Margret.' Photo Credit: Charles Roux
German designer launches a new line called 'Margret', an innovative blend of early 20th century style with a fresh new spin.

With the smashing success of her new line 'Margret,' Marina Willms stood out as the most talented up-and-coming designer during London Fashion Week.

'Margret' was showcased on Feb. 18 in a show put on by Fashion Finest—an award-winning fashion event company that provides professional show production and management of fashion shows and events—at the lovely De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms of Holborn.

After the show, I had the pleasure of meeting with Willms for an in-depth interview.

Model Nick Flatt on the runway, featuring Marina Willms's new line 'Margret.' Photo Credit: Charles Roux

Marina Willms, a German native, has always had a unique eye for design. After finishing her BA in Business Administration at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein- Sieg, she pursued her passion for fashion at Mediadesign Hochschule’ in Dusseldorf in 2011. While studying abroad at Central Saint Martins in London in 2014, Willms discovered her love of colors and prints and began a career as a stylist.

Up-and-coming German fashion designer made a colourful splash at London Fashion Week with her new line 'Margret,' which was inspired by her late grandmother. Photo Credit: Marina Willms

"When I graduated in Dusseldorf last March, I was always thinking about founding my own label," she said. "A lot of people already wanted to buy my garments, but the right opportunity to launch a label was missing."

When Willms was approached by Fashion Finest in late December, she knew it was the opportunity she was waiting for. She restructured her business plan, designed and produced her Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, programmed an online shop and bought a ticket to London.

'Margret' is dedicated to Willms's beloved grandmother who passed away this January. Willms always loved listening to her grandmother's philosophies and passion for kings and queens. The line was produced under the spirit of “spread love and stay colorful!”

Marina Willm's new line 'Margret' made a successful debut at London Fashion Week. Photo Credit: Charles Roux

As a child, Willms's grandmother would tell her: Whenever you fail or feel like something went wrong, get up on your feet, sort out your blouse, put your crown in the right spot and continue walking proudly with your head up high like a queen.

"I live after this mantra and I feel it has a big influence on my life," Willms said.

As she thought of a story for her collection, Willms began researching the kings and queens of early 20th century monarchies and was instantly inspired by their garments. The designer also brought in modern monarch inspiration. The cuts are a marvelous blend of tradition and modern, with a subtle yet meaningful sporty flare. The garments are high-waisted and boast trumpeted arms along with shoulders pads.

German designer Marina Willms used bright colors as inspiration for her new line 'Margret.' Photo Credit: Charles Roux

Willms's grandmother also inspired the vibrant colors used throughout the entire collection.

"Every time I think about my grandma there is this warm, loving and colorful feeling," she said. "My memories of her are bright and colorful."

'Margret' features an innovative blend of early 20th century style with a fresh new spin. Photo Credit: Charles Roux

The three main colors used in the collection are sunflower yellow, flamingo pink and dark green. Willms cut, dyed and printed the cotton linen herself.

"I strongly believe that this is what we need nowadays," she said. "Everybody should be proud, self-confident, feel glamorous and walk with his or her head up high. It also should fit the customers needs and wishes in terms of colors."

Marina Willms - Fashions Finest London Fashion Week 2017

After the Fashion Finest show, Willms was interviewed by 'London Live,' where she met with Bernard Connolly, the head judge of Britain’s Top Designer.

"At first I was relaxed and then they’ve told me that millions of people will watch the show and I got nervous," Willms said. "But because I put all my heart in to this project and fashion is my life, I felt quite comfortable doing this.

London Live interview

After her success in London, Willms returned to Germany and is currently talking to different buyers for her collections. In addition to her couture line, a ready-to-wear line is currently on the market and ready for consumer purchasing. Willms is also a seasoned fashion stylist which gives her the opportunity to include her garments in high-profile fashion editorials. She is also working on 3-dimensional printing techniques such as embroidery.

To review more of Willms's work as a designer and stylist, visit her website To shop her collections visit her online store at Marina Willms Shop.

The photographs used in this article are courtesy of Paris-based photographer Charles Roux. For more of his work, visit Roux's website at or on Instagram.