Mar 22nd, 2017, 11:42 PM

Graphic Gal

By Danielle Gregoire
Image Credit: W Magazine
Cool, casual and chic graphic Tshirt trends.

I never thought I could pull off anything edgy because I never saw myself in that light. Girly and sporty sure, no problem, but rocker style—that just didn't feel right to me. It wasn’t until I saw the pairing of a graphic tee and a pencil skirt that I thought to myself: “cool, classic and chic.”  I can do this!  It got my mind reeling— seeing this trend on Kendall and Gigi, and now I can envision it on me. 

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It made perfect sense as to why this trend took off in the first place; music and fashion are like champagne and caviar— a timeless partnership. Graphic tees are one way to interconnect the two in a fun, classic way. Let out your inner punk with a band tee (pro tip: make sure to know who the band is in case anyone asks).

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There are so many ways to pull this look off comfortably. You can kill two styles in one— add a fur coat over you graphic tee for some mix and match action. I love layering, especially in this tumultuous Paris weather where one second it's hot, and another it’s cold; what a smart way to be able to shift outfits swiftly!

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This trend can be intimidating at times, because it’s hard  to find that balance. Graphic T-shirts are a superb way to do that. Take a tip from Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo. She pulls this trend off in a more subtle way. It is definitely the statement that makes you feel cool without feeling like a poser.

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This trend is also extremely accessible. It has options for everyone: from high-end, to inexpensive to vintage; you can find these tees easily. Sites such as H&M have good and inexpensive options for the girl on budget. Junk Food, I would consider medium priced, has a very good selection ranging from $56-$90.

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If you want to really be a "Graphic Gal" Kelly Cole in Los Angeles is a really nice, vintage option for genuine tour and band tees.  The catch is this tends to be on the pricier side, no shirts under $90, but then again can you really put a price on authenticity? I think not. Think of your band tee as fine wine, only getting better with time.

Image Credit: Style Blazer