Mar 27th, 2017, 11:56 AM

The Freedom of Speech

By Anastasija Baiko
Credits: Harpers Bazaar
Fashion has become more vivid through the integration of words onto clothing.

 Social engagement and rampant idealism of the 60s meets the logomania of the 90s to create the trend we would call the freedom of speech through fashion. It-bags, must-have shoes, statement bracelets, all have nothing on the current trend to send a better message. It is more than a logo but less than an image, it is just a word or two that captures the eye and reveals the mood you are achieving to set.

Image Credit: Vogue / Paco Rabanne

We observe the trend developing through brands such as Dior, Paco Rabanne and Stella McCartney that are set more on providing a feminist message. Other brands such as Moschino and Alberta Ferretti are sending more of a frivolous statement that can be taken with ease.

Image Credit: Vogue / Dior

Dior's logo "Dio(R)evolution" sends a strong message with store windows displaying the "We Should All Be Feminists" battle cry. It's all about evoking change and representing it. Paco Rabanne continues the topic of gender roles. He uses "Future Sex" as his two eye catching words to present the female as the inspiration for the next generation.

Image Credit: Malay Mail Online 
To wear the trend choose monochrome pieces with a clear message written either all over them or on the chest to make it even more visible. To increase the visibility of your serious attitude put your hair in a high sleek ponytail and dismiss the thought of too much make up. A bold eye line will do the work.
Image Credit: Teenie Harris Archive/Carnegie Museum of Art/Getty

Protests written on paper and carried through the street are no longer the only way a statement can be made.