Feb 3rd, 2020, 10:20 PM

Fashion of the 4th Arrondissement

By Caitlin Kelly
Marais men's fashion
The Marais is the epicenter of unique and unusual style - here's why.

Fashion in Paris follows specific trends. These trends are usually categorized by simple, black clothing and very little makeup, making Paris a city  known for its refined fashion. In other words, Parisians express themselves through their clothing tastefully as opposed to intrepidly. 

However, the 4th arrondissement has a different way of expressing itself through fashion. With photographer and AUP student Maddi Carpenter-Crawford, I decided to explore this Parisian neighborhood and document some of the unique styles that are largely absent in other areas of Paris. 

Here, a young woman wears a style of clothing not typically seen in the Parisian streets. She wears a myriad of bright, bold colors, and almost every article of clothing has a different pattern. 
Here, I wanted to focus more so on the two girls in the middle. The girl on the right is what I would expect to see on the streets of Paris. White sneakers, black clothing, and large hoop earrings all make up fashion among Parisian young people quite well. The girl on the left, however, I feel better represents the Marais -- With her blue hair, colorful, bulky men's Hawaiian shirt, chunky black boots, and baggy, loose-fitted mom jeans. Evidently, the style is very inspired by the 1980's. 
Another trend common in the Marais is women wearing men's clothing. Here, a young women wears a large leather jacket, paired with a men's button down t-shirt and baggy courderoy pants. I included this photo to explore the trend of wearing androgynous, loose-fitted clothing that keeps appearing in my photos. 

While Paris can be a place to explore the simplicity of black clothing, understated jewelry, and natural makeup, many neighborhoods house some unique and bold fashion choices, which I wanted to emulate with my photography.