Oct 15th, 2015, 12:38 PM

Michael Kors: "American Dior"

By Yana Blumenthal
Michael Kors Collection
Visibility and recognizability are on the rise in Michael Kors stores in the most prestigious cities in the world -- New York, London, Moscow, Milan, Paris, Dubai, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong.
American ready-to-wear designer Michael Kors, who established his namesake company in 1981 and launched the Michael Kors label nearly twenty-five years later in 2004, today sits atop the Michael Kors Holding that includes accessories, footwear, watches, jewelry, men’s and women’s ready to wear, and a full line of fragrance products. The success of the company can be highlighted by its profitability: projected revenue of approximately $4.8 billion for 2016.
The brand's strategy is focused on creating gorgeous designs that are wearable. Kors can create both luxury and more affordable pieces for both his labels and they can be mixed and matched. The main focus is on the exciting lifestyle of his customers. The Kors woman is self-reliant and independent but at the same time she values family. In print advertising, the brand regularly presents a couple: they are together, traveling either for work or pleasure. This image of society is becoming more accessible. Kors also emphasises simplicity in the garments' construction and offers luxury accessories to transform the look from casual to more sophisticated. Indeed it's the multiplicity that is key to the brand.
(photo: Michael Kors)
Quickly becoming recognisable for its aesthetic and authenticity, Kors' online sales soared 70 percent higher in 2015 from the previous year. And the brand has big licencing partners, such as Fossil for watches and jewellery, Estée Lauder for fragrances, and Luxottica for eyewear, which makes up almost 50 percent of the company's total revenue.
What is so appealing in the Kors designs? You might ask. Maybe the designer is becoming the new feminine authority -- the new "American Dior". On one hand, many brands are aiming to reach their customers through shocking and promiscuous designs; on the other, some focus purely on functionality. It is a breath of pure air to just feel feminine and comfortable at the same time without breaking the bank.  
Dior 1956 - The New Look