Dec 21st, 2016, 06:00 PM

AUP Students Show Off Their Street Style

By Safian Ado-Ibrahim
Image Credit: Sarah Plattes
Judge me by my looks.

AUP students have a very strong sense of style influenced by an array of cultural backgrounds and nationalities. Here are a few examples of what's going on down here.


Image Credit: Safian Ado-Ibrahim

NAME: Eitan Senerman

COUNTRY: Santiago, Chile

AGE: 18

QUOTE: "Being fashionable is not a big thing in Chile, and I felt like I always stood out; art expression is still developing there. I love it here in Paris because it's a culture of people finding their way and expressing themselves through art. I like to wear comfortable jeans but I don't care about the brand. If it's me, I'll get it."

Image Credit: Safian Ado-Ibrahim

NAME: Elena Copsidas

COUNTRY: Paris, France

AGE: 21

QUOTE: "I like to spend my time in the 3rd arrondissement where I live and also the 10th. I like the 10th arrondissement because it's an African district and there's a lot of movement"

Image Credit: Safian Ado-Ibrahim

NAME: Arev Alexanian

COUNTRY: Cairo, Egypt

AGE: 21

QUOTE: "I would describe myself as more of a stuffed crust girl, because the more I eat, the happier I am. Clothes are kinda cool too."

Image Credit: Safian Ado-Ibrahim

NAME: Felix Moukoko

COUNTRY: Yaound, Cameroon

AGE: 20

QUOTE: "If I could be one animal, I would be a lion, because it's the symbol of my national football team, Cameroon! I've always been very versatile with my clothes. I may feel like dressing with a more classic style one day, and a more casual style another."

Image Credit: Safian Ado-Ibrahim

NAME: Lucas Yammine

COUNTRY: Paris, France

AGE: 21

QUOTE: "I think I dress for myself and others. But now I find myself dressing more for myself but still expecting a response from people, whether it's positive or negative. It's provocative."

Image Credit: Stephanie Alex

NAME: Ellene Bubuteishvili

COUNTRY:  Georgia

AGE: 20

QUOTE: "Personally, shops or brands are not very important. I would describe my style as vintage and comfortable."

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Image Credits: Safian Ado-Ibrahim, Stephanie Alex, Sarah Plattes