Mar 25th, 2020, 03:22 PM

Corona Diaries: Time to Pick up a Pen

By Caitlin Kelly
Image Credit: Shutterstock Mikhail Gnatuyk
Even if you're not good at it, just enjoy it

Quarantine has been difficult.

I’m grateful to be surrounded by family, but I miss the other people in my life. Video chatting has been helpful and I’ve had the wonderful opportunity, with all this time on my hands, to catch up with old friends from high school who I haven’t called in years.

However, it seems like every suggestion given to us in quarantine is based around screens. Video games, social media, FaceTime, movies, and TV shows, to name a few. Even as someone who writes creatively, I tend to only write on my computer, as it’s faster to type than to write by hand. 

I wouldn’t consider myself a visual artist at all. In fact, I’m pretty bad. But during this quarantine period, I’ve learned that my skill level really doesn’t matter. So often we’re encouraged only to pursue the hobbies we’re skilled in. If we’re not skilled in something, we’re encouraged to master it, but that can often the pressure that entails can be very discouraging.  What I have learned is that the most important part of doing something is that you enjoy it.