Sep 28th, 2022, 09:00 AM

The New and Improved AUP Events Committee

By Mia Baccei
Image credit: Chandler Sumpter Gillyard
How students in SGA have come together to plan events for the AUP community

Members of the SGA have decided to revitalize an old committee to try and make AUP feel more connected and allow students to meet new people who they would never have met otherwise. This is an attempt to combat AUP's occasionally isolating nature, from buildings that are far apart, to students who leave the university after only a semester or a year. 

Eleonora Marcone, AUP senior and the chair of the committee, said "I started this committee because after COVID-19, I felt like it was very important to have an organization to create events in order to bring the AUP community back together." The team is comprised of four students, including Marcone, who are also very passionate about this cause. 

Image credit: Chandler Sumpter Gillyard

The first event that they organized was a boat party during orientation week for all incoming students so they had a chance to meet new people before starting their first week of school. 

Chandler Sumpter Gillyard, AUP senior and the PR director of the committee, said "I think the boat party was a huge success because everyone who attended had a lot of fun, and there was a lot of mingling that occurred. There was some stress with putting everything together and I was nervous that the students would not have a good time at the event, but no matter what we will continue to create opportunities for students to meet new people."

The next event that they are planning is a welcome back party for the upperclassmen, to allow them to get together in a group and catch up with each other. 

Image credit: Chandler Sumpter Gillyard

Lauren Rosker, AUP junior and the communications director of the committee, said "This event is important because we have not had had anything like this in a long time, and it is crucial for juniors and seniors to reconnect as they are about to finish their schooling. Also, a lot of American universities have events to celebrate their upperclassmen, and we feel that it is important to celebrate them here as well."

The committee is planning to have 6 more events throughout the semester, all of which will be held at fun event spaces with a new theme for every one. 

Tatum Staab, AUP senior and the outreach director of the committee, said "I'm hoping we will have the freedom to be able to do these events, and I hope that people will be interested in attending them because of all the hard work that we have put into them. All in all I am excited for the rest of the semester and especially the events that we have planned!"

Image credit: Mia Baccei. Pictured (from left to right): Tatum Staab, Chandler Sumpter Gillyard, Eleonora Marcone, and Lauren Rosker.

More information on the committee can be found on its Instagram page.


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