Mar 11th, 2020, 10:37 AM

Introducing Dream Parade

By Emilyn Snyder
Dream Parade. Image Credit: Emilyn Snyder
The young psychedelic pop-rock band is breaking into the music scene with their dreamlike sounds.

A mannequin stands alone on stage, staring out at the expectant crowd. Four figures emerge into the light and find their places. Suddenly, the room erupts into psychedelic pop-rock (which the band refers to as "dream pop" in reference to their name). There is no denying the powerful pull music has on a person, and when experiencing that magnetism within a darkened space with only flashing lights overwhelming the vision, it is an unforgettable experience.

They weren’t always known as Dream Parade. It all started in 2015, with three childhood friends. Samuel Sandri, Jacob Atkinson and Simon Bradford only wanted to perform for their classmates in high school, a small affair tucked away in Vevey, Switzerland, dwarfed by the vast expanse of Lake Geneva. Their performance was a success; people began to ask them if they performed other gigs. A switch clicked.

Realizing the greater potential they would have with a good vocalist, Sam invited his sister, Madeleine Sandri, to join their band. She accepted, and Venus on Fire was born.  

“Well, it's based on the Velvet Underground song, 'Venus in Furs,' but someone came up to us after a gig and called us Venus on Fire, and it just kind of stuck," says Sam about their name. The switch to Dream Parade was made later when the band released their album "Sisyphus" this past January. 


Sisyphus is here ! We’d like to thank all of our beloved donors for making this possible. This album was recorded in the studios of the Funkhaus Berlin. Produced by Robin Girod. @kometcity Recorded by Augustin Von Arx and Martin Bernasconi. @angusvarx Mixed by Scott Montoya @gotscott Mastered by Mick Boggis @mickboggis Out via Le Pop Club Records @le_pop_club_records Staring Reka Csiszér (backing vocals) and Cedric Rolland (synth) @__rey_rey__ @monsieur_rolland We’ve worked so hard on this project and are so happy to have it come out. We hope you enjoy it as much as we had fun making it. So much love to you all, see you tonight at the RKC ! Available on Spotify and SoundCloud, other platforms coming soon. Link in Bio Dream Parade Xx

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“It was a more marketable name, and there was no other band by that name. We all loved the feel of it,” explained Sam. Dream Parade also seemed to fit more with the development of their music. “It was an organic evolution,” he said. “We started off in the more garage rock style, but the change to psychedelic pop was a better fit for Madeleine’s vocals. It kind of just happened without ever really planning it. Other large bands in Switzerland were also starting to move into the vein of psychedelic rock and it felt right.” 

The sounds of Dream Parade do indeed have a dreamlike quality to them. Standing in that dusky room, enraptured by their performance, I let their music cascade over me, ebbing and flowing, gliding and tumbling, as the band seamlessly transitioned from one song to the next: a heady experience, only truly immersive when one is surrounded by other warm bodies. Live music is as much about the energy of the living beings in the room as the sound. People produce their own energy and it can be as infectious as the melodies and words that flow around them.

Madeleine stands tall, crooning the lyrics while playing either second guitar, the rhythm guitar or the synth. Jacob and Sam are to her right, Jacob on base and occasionally joining in with vocals, Sam on the drums. Simon is to Madeleine's left, as lead guitarist. Their familiarity with each other's sound was undeniable. It was not a high school talent show performance anymore.

They currently don’t have regular gigs; Madeleine is studying and Simon is in the army. Their aspiration is to have a more solid schedule of performances to attract a dedicated audience.


Thanks to support from crowdfunding, Dream Parade was able to record their most recent album in an old building in Berlin, once housing Soviet radio stations but now home to several luxurious recording studios. For five days, they recorded and barely left, and were fortunate enough to have their music mastered by Scott Montoya, member of the infamous Growlers

In regards to "Sisyphus," Sam explained, “it’s easy music to listen to, recalling rhythms from the 60s and 70s — that’s what our psychedelic pop-rock is. And thanks to Madeleine’s voice, we are unique in that we are one of the few with a female singer.” 

The music ended; Dream Parade encored twice. I bought a t-shirt and their album on vinyl. Even now, when times are preventing us from enjoying live concerts, it is important to hold on to the memories of what we've experienced. Music has always deeply affected humanity — spiritually, creatively, psychologically — and it will continue to do so. Never forget the power of a favorite song that makes you want to laugh, cry or dance. Dream Parade's music through headphones is just as moving as experiencing its psychedelic nature in person.