Dec 2nd, 2015, 01:41 PM

How to Speak like a True Hipster Parisian

By Jessica Romer
A language guide to fitting in with Parisians. Image Credit: Monsieur Tober via Flickr
20 slang words any Parisian must know. Consulted by young Parisian Alice Preat.

Whether you’ve got Parisian blood or are as American as WonderBread, there are a few terms any street-smart inhabitant of Paris must know. Constructed and curated by chic hipsters, these phrases have become a quintessential feature of the young French vernacular. Check out these our guide to Parisian slang to stay in the know even in the most Parisian of moments.

Image Credit: Franek N via Flickr

1. Un beau gosse = A hot guy 

2. Du biff = Cash

3. Un bordel = Big mess, chaos

4. Bobo = Bourgeois Bohemian 

5. Bouffe / Graille = Food

6. C’est chaud = That’s incredible / difficult / tough

7. C’est chelou = That’s weird

8. Cimer = Thank you

9. Une clope = A cigarette 

Image Credit: Monsieur Tober via Flickr

10. Domac = McDonald’s

11. J’ai la flemme = I can’t be bothered

12. Flics / Keufs = Cops

13. Je m’en fous = I don’t give a damn

14. Kiffer = To like something 

15. Une meuf = A girl 

16. Un mec = A guy 

Image Credit: Gilles OLLIVIER via Flickr

17. C’est ouf = That’s crazy / amazing

18. C’est relou = That’s annoying, exasperating 

19. Le tiek = The hood, as in neighborhood 

20. Wesh = Yo