Nov 18th, 2015, 11:34 AM

3 Things To Do on Your Trip To Bruges

By Melissa Monique Halabe
Image credit: Melissa Monique Halabe
Discover one of Belgium's most picturesque cities.

Bruges, the capital of West Flanders in Belgium, is known as one of the country's most picturesque medieval cities. In wintertime, Bruges is awash with Christmas decorations and horse carriages, evoking an atmosphere so cozy and whimsical that you can't help but feel like you've traveled back in time. Here are a few of our tips for what to do when visiting Bruges.

1. Brunch the right way

Although Bruges is known for an assortment of delicious restaurants, it's easy to get caught up in tourist traps with overly expensive prices, hostile service and mediocre food. While hunting for a worthy place to eat on a quiet Sunday afternoon, we discovered Juliette just off the main road. This chic and warm little bistro serves brunch for a reasonable price compared to other local restaurants. Coffee, hot chocolate with real chocolate chips, various jams, fresh cheese and good quality service are all on offer here.

Image Credit: Melissa Monique Halabe

Dweerstraat 15
Bruges 8000, Belgium

2. Rent a bike and see Bruges like a local

Bikes are the city's staple mode of transportation; for every car you see, two bikes will follow. The city can be traveled by foot as well, but biking is the most authentic, convenient, and scenic way of seeing Bruges. Follow the canals down the northeast side of the city and stumble upon less busy, quaint streets and get a dose of nature as you ride by lakes, parks, and scattered leaves. Bikes can be rented at different stations around the city.

Image Credit: Melissa Monique Halabe

3. Belgian Beer, of course

Café Rose Red sums up the heart of Bruges: romance and tasty beer. Specizializing in Trappist beer, Café Rose Red is a lively bar that has pages and pages of options as well as descriptions of the different types of beer, smiley staff members, and roses dangling from the ceiling. This off-the-beaten-track bar is loved by many, and the perfect introduction to one of Belgium's favorite pastimes. 

Image Credit: Melissa Monique Halabe

Café Rose Red
Cordoeaniersstraat 16
8000 Brugge