Dec 1st, 2015, 05:47 PM

Vinyls Are Back in Style

By Melissa Monique Halabe
A vinyl player will never go out of style. Image Credit: Nina via Flckr
Even in the 21st century where everything can be obtained on the internet, vinyls are still timeless and authentic.

It's common knowledge that Paris is a mecca for the arts — music, literature, painting, and so forth. The list goes on and will continue to stretch on throughout its existence.

The same can be said for vinyls.

What was once our parents' version of iTunes and Spotify, vinyls have come back to life after years of obsolescence. The Internet is convenient and savvy, but there's simply nothing like holding the music in your hands and watching it spin and crackle in its authentic sound. CDs and vinyls may be at competition with pirate downloads, but they haven't gone down without a fight. According to Nielson, a global information measurement company, vinyl sales spiked 260% in 2009 alone. For a while there, vinyls were disappearing in popularity, but they're back now, and these timeless machines are not too difficult to find. 

Here's where to find some vintage record players in Paris:

1. Peléophonies

Check out this shop in the center of Paris for a vintage record player.

16 Rue de Vaugirard

75006 Paris

Image Credit: Sheila Sund

2. Grados

Christian Grados has numerous options for record players, carrying some dated back to 1968, and others that are more recently made. These record players are vintage finds.

9, rue des Déchargeurs

75001 Paris

And next off, here's some Parisian stores with actual disks to kick-start your new player or to add to your collection:

1. Crocodisc

Your classic, all-around handy music shop. Crocodisc is split into two sections: Rock and Electro and Reggae and Jazz. This store offers both new and used vinyls. Want to hear a record? Ask the friendly workers to play it for you and spend hours here.

Image Credit: Coup d'Oreille via Flickr.

42 Rue des Écoles

75005 Paris

2. La Fabrique Balades Sonores

This place is chic and rétro — perfect for French indie vinyls and cozy home décor. Stop by La Fabrique Balades Sonores for a local treat of electro, indie, and local French bands. You may even find more than vinyls here; Thursday night is concert night at this indie paradise.

Image Credit: Nadege Soquet  
Image Credit: Nadege Soquet  

1 Avenue Tridaine

75009 Paris

3. Walrus - Disquair Café

If you want to browse through music, test out vinyls in a booth, and drink coffee in a stylish record shop/café all in the same hour, Walrus is perfect for you. Stop by, have a drink, and jam. This place is great for pop, rock, and indie finds.

Image Credit: Evan via Flickr,

34 Ter

Rue de Dunkerque

75010 Paris

4. Techno Imports

For a wide selection of electronic music, Techno Imports is your haven.

16 Rue des Taillandiers

75011 Paris