May 4th, 2021, 11:40 PM

Rene Ryman Releases New Book

By Lara Olsson
Image credit: Creative Commons/mikemacmarketing
This author discusses if AI is ready to take over in AUP's virtual event.

The newest book about AI seems promising. With a strong title, The Invisible Student. , Dr. René Ryman writes about her opinions in regards to AI. Ryman is a recognized consultant and educator in the area of international business and public policy. In her role as a strategic development consultant, she has worked with many start-up organizations and large corporations to provide detailed analysis for business plan development that focuses on maximizing revenues and long-term sustainability within the marketplace.  It is why she felt so passionate to write her new book. This book covers artificial intelligence technology and the creative destruction of the American education system, in which Ryman summarizes that "AI is the future". 

Professor Ryan's background credits include a long list of notable studies such as B.S in Business Administration Masters of International Studies, and the University of Denver, D.B.A. in International Business Management. Her research areas are further deepened in international business, economic growth, and business sustainability. 

Image credit: Creative Commons/mikemacmarketing


Ryan agrees that she ensures that we see, “AI as a good solution.” She believes that technology such as Microsoft Teams has allowed her to have the capability of exhibiting impressive videos and this she sees as an, “outreach of technology.” She questions, “Imagine not having schools, do we really need libraries when we have online libraries?” This simple yet powerful statement left me wondering what the future of our education system will be like once AI takes over.

This book may be found on Amazon and was released on April 19th online and in physical form.