May 8th, 2021, 04:44 PM

What Is Your Love Language?

By Fanny Tluszcz
Image Credit: Sharon McCutcheon/Unsplash
Take this fun quiz and find out which form of affection you prefer!

Everyone has a different style of how they prefer to be shown affection in a relationship. This type of style can be referred to as a "love language", and figuring out which language you prefer can help foster a more communicative relationship with your partner.

The 5 love languages are known as: 

A: Words of affirmation 

B: Quality time

C: Act of service

D: Physical touch

E: Receiving gifts

It is important to know what you and your partner prefer in order to express your appreciation in the best possible way. Here's a fun quiz you can take to help discover more about yourself and how you like to find romance in a relationship. Simply pick the pick the option that best applies to you, recording your answers for each one. At the end, we'll go over which love language you are most likely to "speak" based on your answers!

Image Credit: freestocks/Unsplash

It is more meaningful to me when:

A: My partner makes me breakfast in bed

B: My partner and hold hands 

C: My partner gives me flowers 

D: My partner and I cuddle on the couch and watch a movie

E: My partner expresses their gratitude for me 

It is more meaningful to me when:

A: My partner does the laundry instead of me when I’m really busy

B: My partner and I kiss many times during the day

C: My partner gets me my favorite chocolate on their way back from work

D: My partner and I take our dog out for a walk (no phones)

E: My partner tells me they loves me

It is more meaningful to me when:

A: My partner fills up my car with gas

B: My partner is affectionate in public 

C: My partner gifts me a framed photo of us 

D: My partner and I get to do our favorite sport together – uninterrupted

E: My partner compliments me 

It is more meaningful to me when: 

A: My partner makes me coffee every morning 

B: My partner kisses my forehead 

C: My partner works extra hard so that they can afford to buy me something I really want

D: My partner takes the day off so we can spend time together

E: My partner fondly reminds me of the time we met 

It is more meaningful to me when: 

A: My partner cooks dinner for the both of us 

B: My partner touches me when they talk to me 

C: My partner buys me a hat because I lost mine last week

D: My partner takes the time to text me throughout the day, even if they are busy

E: My partner recognizes a mistake from the past and makes a heartfelt apology

Image Credit: Mayur Gala/Unsplash

If you got a majority of As, your love language is mostly acts of service. Doing something for your partner that you know they will like and appreciate such as filling up their gas, doing the laundry or making them dinner. When you give acts of service, you give your time. 

If you got a majority of Bs, your love language is mostly physical touch. Physical touch is not only sex, it can be a hug, a hand squeeze, holding hands, kissing, etc. 

If you got a majority of Cs, your love language is mostly gift giving/receiving; meaning that you feel love through a tangible item, whether it is a bag or a chocolate bar. This love language is the most misconstrued, it can seem greedy and like the person is more focused on things that the love itself. However, it is sentimentality. A person might feel loved through these gifts and the effort that their significant other put into them, however small. 

If you got a majority of Ds, your love language is mostly quality time. For you, nothing says "I love you" more than full, undivided attention from your significant other. It is important to you to spend time with your partner with no distractions and feel like you’re both truly present. 

If you got a majority of Es, your love language is mostly words of affirmation. This can be anything like spoken or written words from your partner that support you and confirm their love for you. It is when your significant other demonstrates their love for you through sweet expressions of appreciation, compliments, gratitude etc… For example: "You are so special to me," "You make me so happy," "I love you," "You look amazing,’ etc.

Hopefully you have learned something about yourself with the quiz, and no matter what your love language is, here's to a happy, fulfilling relationship!