Feb 3rd, 2023, 09:50 AM

The Best Workout Classes in Paris

By Sara Crawford
Snake and Twist Lagree Fitness Studio. Image credit: Sara Crawford
Looking to add a pilates, yoga or low impact workout class to your weekly routine? This article contains 8 different studios with a mix of English and French classes that I personally rank as the best in Paris.

Whether you made a New Year's resolution to workout more or you are looking to meet new people through a shared love for self care, workout classes can be a fun addition to your weekly routine. Coming from a city in the United States where fitness gyms can be found on every street corner, it was very difficult for me to find the same sort of community in a larger city like Paris, especially as a native English speaker.

It can be anxiety-inducing as a non or minimal French speaker to attend workout classes not knowing whether you will be able to understand the instructor. In my experience, there are many English classes taught in Paris and the instructors have always been accommodating towards Anglophones. However, if you are looking to expand your knowledge, taking workout classes in French is a great way to immerse yourself in the language.

Through the use of ClassPass, an app that works as a health club facilitator, I was able to discover a multitude of studios and judge them based on my personal experience. ClassPass works on a credit based system where users pay for a plan that allots a certain amount of credits per month. Classes range from 3 to 27 credits depending on the type of workout and studio. For reference, I currently have a class pass subscription of 72 credits a month for 99 euros which covers around 2 to 3 workout classes a week.

Best Reformer Pilates studios:

If you are looking for a fun class that will leave you sore for days, these reformer Pilates studios should definitely be on your list.

Snake and Twist Lagree Fitness (75016)

The HARDEST Pilates class I have ever been to!

Le 33 Foch English with Melanie (75016)

Melanie teaches a great Pilates class in English, but the classes fill up quickly!


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Best mat Pilates studios:

For a slower pace class that will still leave you sore, try these!

Omm Studio English and French (75003)

Great English and French classes!

Chez Simone English and French (75002)

Chez Simone has such a nice studio with a coffee bar inside!


Best workout class studios:

These studios are a must if you are in need of a good sweat!

Les Ailes du Canal (75010)

The classes here are very challenging and upbeat!

Barreshape (75003)

Such a cute studio! You will definitely leave here sweaty!


Best Yoga class studios:

The yoga studios below have had the best customer service of any studios I have been to in Paris! All are taught in French but have been super accommodating to English speakers.

My Ginger Paris (75006)

The instructors here are always so kind and accommodating.

My Golden Hour (75008)

The classes here are HOT! Bring a towel and some water!