Feb 5th, 2021, 06:05 PM

Wine Is Fine!

By Thalia Weissman
Image Credit: Thalia Weissman
How-To: Wine Drinking As a Young Adult

I am sure many of us growing up have seen the adults in our lives drink this peculiar grape beverage that to us may seem disgusting but to them a nice way to end the night. If you couldn't tell what this drink was, it's adult grape juice: better known as wine. As young adults, this concept of drinking alcohol can be new and exciting, but with this eagerness can come a lack of control and awareness of what you are drinking and how much of it. Being 19 myself, I know for the most part when my friends and I drink it is for the taste (typically something sweet) and to get "messed up" rather to enjoy the different notes and flavor of the alcohol we are putting in our bodies. Therefore, I have prepared three tips to help guide you on your adventures with wine.


Expensive ≠ Good

Image Credit: Thalia Weissman

One undeniable fact about why many young adults don't buy wine is due to the price. Cheaper liquor can do the "job" quicker, but wine, especially in France, can still be good and relatively cheap. I recently bought the sauvignon pictured above for six euros!!! Still, be wary, that just because wine in France is cheaper, that means cheap wine everywhere is good. There is something to be said about price being an accurate indicator of quality (at times). But if you are a student living in France like myself, then cheap wine is just fine. I would not recommend spending less than five or six euros, for I question how good a three or four euro bottle of wine really is. Price is often a big deterrent for many students when it comes to what they will spend their last dollar on, so if you have six euros and want to treat yourself to some nice wine, I recommend the Domaine de la Touche. 


Ice Is Your Best Friend 

Image Credit: Thalia Weissman

Wine is a strong beverage. Some wines can be sweet but many are not, and especially if you are new to drinking wine you will not know which one is sweeter (for example a Riesling) or what is much heavier (such as a merlot). In order to help alleviate this strong, sometimes hard to grasp set of flavors, add some ice to your wine. Typically white wines are best cold, so if you are having a little bit of a struggle with the taste a little ice can help water it down. Not just whites, but I personally find rosés also better cold. What I have found is that reds are the hardest to adjust to. Some are lighter (pinot noir or Beaujolais) and some immediately have knocked me out (cabernet). Reds are a good room temperature wine, and can even be drunk hot like in vin chaud. So it may seem weird to add ice to a "warmer" beverage than our white and pink friends, but you can add ice to red wine to help you adjust while you get used to this wonderful and exotic plethora of new tastes.                           


Drink What You Like


Image Credit: Thalia Weissman

I grew up in America, and the drinking culture there is out of control! People do not understand what responsible drinking looks like. But drinking wine is not for those who are just trying to go crazy because suddenly now they can! Wine is a beverage meant to be savored and enjoyed. Unlike in America where people my age drink mango flavored vodka despite how disgusting it tastes for the sole purpose of getting drunk, do not drink a wine you do not like! If you do not like any sort of red wine do not force it. It only will make you feel unwell (this is true of any alcoholic beverage). Wine drinking apparently has rules such as chicken and fish are paired with white wine and steak is meant for red, but rules were meant to be broken! You want to have some filet mignon with a glass of pinot grigio? Go for it! Responsibly of course. If you are just starting off and getting into the world of wine, just try new things and stick to what you like and never drink what you don't again. 

Hopefully these short three tips were useful. I know in my journey into becoming a wine lover they have been useful. MOST IMPORTANTLY: DRINK RESPONSIBLY! Do not overdo it. From my own personal experiences, I have learned that wine, like any other alcohol, can get you drunk and it is not fun. Stay safe and enjoy your newfound appreciation for wine. 

A couple of places to learn more about adult grape juice are Wine Folly and Vivino. I have tried all of the wines pictured above and I highly recommend them.