Dec 19th, 2017, 10:24 PM

The Season’s Hottest Color is Red

By Danielle Gregoire
Image credit: Shutterstock
Fashion is about having fun and experimenting, don’t be afraid to add some color to your wardrobe.

Every season there is always one color that stands out from the rest. This winter, it's red. Classic red has made a huge comeback in coats, scarves, gloves, shoes, sweater,  tops, everything you can think of. 

As a student, my budget is slim, but I also love fashion so it can be difficult to keep up. One simple and effective way is using the season’s hottest color to feel like a new women. Here are some ways you can revamp your wardrobe by turning it red. 

Little Red Riding Hood no longer has sole claim to red coats. Now you can rock this look with style and the confidence. And you won't be eaten by a wolf. Since coats are the one thing we see most in winter, this is a really nice way to incorporate something fun and lively into your look. There are many different style of coats you can wear in winter: the classic trench, a long peacoat, or (my personal favorite) the red faux-fur coat. For the girl who lives to be extra, this coat is definitely over the top. 

Image Credit: Shutterstock/KuchnerAV

If I have learned one thing from watching every season of sex and the city it is that the shoe makes the outfit. Personally, I never get more compliments than I do when I wear my red loafers. They may be five years old but they still garner attention. This is because shoes are essential in putting any outfit together, so pop on a red pair and fly off to Oz. 

Red leather pants have stolen my heart and wallet. On this item, I say “take my money!” because I am in love. It's so edgy and cool and the perfect way to step up your game. There is just a certain confidence you feel while wearing leather and turning it red is just an extra step to make you see red. 

The chill is coming in and my hands are feeling it. Instead of going for the classic black gloves, why not add a pop of color with red. It’s a subtle yet classic way to wear this season’s hottest color. On days you don't feel feel like donning a stand-out look and want to stay under the radar, this option keeps you cool while keeping your hands warm. 

These are just some basic ways to incorporate red into your outfit. Fashion is about having fun and experimenting, don’t be afraid to add some color to your wardrobe. And when in doubt, a little red lipstick can go a long way.

Image Credit: Shutterstock/Alliance