Mar 4th, 2020, 06:11 PM

Forever Now Has a Whole New Meaning

By Alicia Blum
Custom Wedding Tattoo Rings, Image Credit/Shutterstock/74761672
Wedding tattoo rings have made their way into marriage customs.

Marriage represents eternal love, commitment, friendship and happiness. While going the traditional route excites many people; having a beautiful white dress, extravagant parties and decorations, cake and champagne, there is a new trend breaking through the traditions of marriage. Wedding band tattoos are making their way into society and there are benefits attached to it. Like any tattoo, it is personalized. Traditional wedding bands are gold and tend to cost an arm and a leg. Wedding band tattoos can start at a low cost of $50, can be a design of your choosing or your own creating, and they can be permanent.

It strengthens the bond you and your partner will have together in a unique way. Traditional wedding bands can be easily lost when placed in the wrong spot or forgotten, while tattoo bands cannot be lost – it will always be with you.


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Who doesn’t love to be a part of the latest trend? You are an individual and nobody can rip off what you did because it is unique. Wedding pact rings, as tattoos, they can be whatever you and your significant desire to be. It is true that traditional wedding bands/engagement rings can have incredibly significant meaning but having a tattoo band allows you a certain creativity and eliminates many concerns that comes with a ring.

The possibilities are endless! has many ideas for couples who are looking to step outside social norms when entering the most important moment in their lives. A couple in the Philippians got matching tattoos on their ring fingers for their marriage, and expressed that it is the best idea they have ever had. What I like most about their idea is from a quote that the wife, Mimi, said, “If we’re talking about representing our commitment, the tattoos, for us, just felt so right – even if we bathe, get sick, and dine, it’s with us.”

Trends come and go but for the most part, this upcoming trend within the tattoo community, and society as a large, is booming. A wedding tattoo band is an unforgettable accessory that you hold dear and close to you. You will always see it and remember what it signifies, and is possibly the best accessory a person can have. An accessory should serve as an object to represent who you are and tell others us a small piece of your story.