Jan 29th, 2017, 03:54 PM

Fashion is History: The Revival of the 1970s

By Aalyiah Heath
Image Credit: dazedigital.com
The styles and history of the 1970s are not as "far out" as we thought

In time of change and revolution great art is born. The arts are so powerful because they reflect the livelihood of a certain time period. I have always had this grand love affair with the role of fashion in history. From the doo-wop high culture of the Harlem Renaissance to the bold Hip Hop swag of the nineties, the clothes tell the story.

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I always wondered, to the future, what story would our clothes tell? Currently, we are in a time of heroism, anti-consumerism, social upheaval, with racial and gender equality hitting mainstream -- once again.  

Then, there it was - the seventies. Of course, we have evolved from discos to kickbacks and from the hippie look to eccentric vibes, but people are still yearning bell bottoms, bold patterns and change!

Women's March Then

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Women's March 2017

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Designers, artist and musicians are galvanized by the worlds current status. Designer Martin Grant did not hesitate to connect with an authentic, free-spirited, 1970s mood for his Pre-Fall 2017 collection. Grant put a modern edge on the usage of prints and combined bold color with bell bottoms. The most stylistically full-on decade has never looked better.

Image Credit: Vogue.com

It is not a coincidence that the styles of the seventies are currently penetrating the streets. Even though technology advances were not hip in the seventies we mirror that time so well politically, socially and through our clothing. The world is smaller thanks to the global village we call social media. It gives people the platform to express their style, and thoughts and exchange them virtually.

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A carefree yet, savvy spirit is the state of our time. Marijuana was popular back then and now it has become so common and legal in some places, reminding me of the "I don't give a fuck" attitude of the seventies. People are expressing themselves through clothes, however, I see something - something different. Trends don’t retire they wait for the perfect timing and rebirth to teach a lesson.

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My consensus of the lesson is that as we grow stronger, we put on platform heels to make us taller. As we are tired of hiding in the back, we put on bold prints to stand out. And as we up rise against the government, our pants become wider for movement. We are now seeing our differences as something that makes us strong, just like in fashion in the seventies; individualism stands out. 

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Peace, Love & Fashion