May 5th, 2019, 10:27 PM

Dior Creates Male Pop Band Stage Wear For the First Time

By Samira Safarzadeh
Stage outfit sketch for BTS. Image Credit: Kim Jones
Kim Jones is designing costumes to fit with the band's distinctive personalities.

On May 2, 2019, Kim Jones announced on his Instagram that he designed the tour costumes for the worldwide phenomenon, BTS. This is monumental news; it is the first time Dior has created menswear for a pop band. 

Jones met BTS in Los Angeles just before the Grammy Awards in February. “They are really great guys and super into fashion, and everyone I know is kind of crazy about them,” he said. 

The sketches feature the artists in bombers, cargo pants and military-inspired sweaters that give off a futuristic-sportswear look, some including the signatures looks Jones showed in his debut Dior men’s collection last June. Jones said he was inspired by the personalities of band members, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. "They all have their personal taste and style, and it works so well together," Jones told WWD, "Each member of the group chose the look they wanted, and we worked very organically to create each look for them. It was very collaborative."

BTS with KIm Jones. Image Credit: BTS

It is safe to assume that the Grammy awards led to discussions around the established fashion house and the global pop stars working together. BTS is famous for their immaculate outfits both off and on stage.

While this will be the first time the brand has designed costumes for them, this is not the first time BTS has worn Dior. During the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2018 in Tokyo, BTS was dressed head to toe in the Dior Summer 2019 collection by Kim Jones. 

BTS at Mnet Asian Music Awards. Image Credit: Dior 

In their daily lives, they mix fashion with comfort; keeping it stylish but casual. The band is famous for wearing well-known brands such as Saint Laurent, Gucci, Dior, Chanel on stage and on the red carpet. While on stage they coordinate, off stage each member has their own distinct style.

During their interview with Billboard, each BTS member explained their style. Jungkook described his style as “clean-cut." Suga stated he prefers wearing comfortable clothing, while Jin said the most important aspect of fashion is the face, adding that he can wear anything and make it look good. As for, V, he says his style is inspired by the old movies he loves to watch, often wearing shirts and ties.

The collaboration is a big deal, especially considering that the first band the illustrious fashion house has chosen to design stage outfits for is Korean. BTS will wear the looks on their upcoming sold-out tour dates in Chicago, New Jersey, São Paulo, London, and Paris.