Apr 13th, 2020, 06:22 PM

Corona Diaries: A Difficult Time

By Kevin Jarussi
A room with a view. Image credit: Kevin Jarussi
Navigating this God-awful pandemic.

We are into our fourth week of quarantine in Paris. I’m happy, furious, scared, bored, curious, interested, sad, a little bit fatter, restless, worried and sun-drenched.

I feel like a bird whose wings have been clipped. I’m finding school so hard. What’s the point? What’s the point of it all? Am I having an existential crisis?  Are we all having one? How can you plan when everything is on pause, then balance that with the need to keep moving?

It’s such a weird juxtaposition and I’m frustrated. I’m a fortunate man though. I am in Paris, in the comfort of my very little apartment with a balcony for which I am so grateful. I have enough money. I have health care.  Things are okay, for what they are.  

But everything that is going on right now makes me very sad. Is anyone else sad? I feel like the possibilities of tomorrow are being taken away from me. Or will new opportunities emerge? Is the world falling apart at the seams, or is it just me? Is it being done with a purpose?

Is it just a virus? Could something else be happening? Why the cruelty? A very wise professor in undergrad once told us to “question everything.” I have so many questions.  

But I want to end this with a message of love and support. I think we’re all in a frustrating spot right now, and everyone is doing their best to cope with it.

I would love for us all to find the strength to be patient with ourselves, and with those we love.  Be there for the people who need you and reach out when you need to feel loved, and take care of yourselves.