Apr 1st, 2022, 08:00 AM

What AUP Building Are You?

By Chandler Sumpter Gillyard
Image credit: AUP website
Take the quiz and find out now!

Have you ever wondered what AUP building fits your personality? Maybe you like to get your hands a little bit dirty, making art and setting yourself apart from the rest like the Montessuy building. Or maybe you're where all the action (and all the drama) is at, like the Amex. 

It may be April fools day, but we are totally, completely, 100% serious here. Surely this question has plagued your thoughts since arriving in Paris, but now with 10 questions and 8 possible buildings, you can find out which AUP building you truly are. 

You can take the quiz for yourself here, and then make sure you post your results on social media and tag @peacockmediafr while you're at it!


Additional contributions made by Luken McGuire