Feb 14th, 2017, 02:50 PM

Spread The Love with Baytna A Vous.

By Leah Levine
Image Credit: Baytna A Vous/ Facebook
Learn more about the Valentines Day candy sale, and how you can get involved.

Were you hit by cupid with the love arrow?

Well if not, there was a chance for you to donate on our own AUP campus. 

For 4 days our own AUP club, Baytna A Vous, did their part in making this holiday meaningful and charitable. Delicately wrapped candy grams in holiday thematic lilac, white and rose pink tissue paper were for sale for that special someone. The petite candy gifts were assembled and sold by volunteers to raise money for the Baytna A Vous's partner NGO, Souria Houria. All proceeds are given to Souria Houria and then transferred to Syria for aid. 

The sweet treats were sold for the bargain price of 3 euro for one or 5 euro for two. 

Image Credit: Baytna A Vous/ Facebook

If this event rings a bell, this past November Baytna A Vous was selling candy for the cause again, making this a holiday tradition. Nebi Dzhabrailova, treasurer of Baytna A Vous, said "Last fall we did [the] Haloween candy sale and we raised 1000 euros! Mostly because of the donations from our students." To read more about the Halloween candy sale, check out this the original 'Candy for a Cause.'

Don't fret if you weren't able to fight the good fight this time, you can always volunteer with Baytna A Vous. On Saturdays AUP students and the Baytna A Vous members put on a for Syrian families and kids. These workshops include hip hop dance and art therapy among many other productive activities. The wide-eyed children are open to newcomers, and knowledge of French or Arabic is always a plus. 

If you still feel your heart yearning for the cause, please contact Nebi via e-mail, a92388@aup.edu.