Nov 28th, 2022, 09:00 AM

Passage Landrieu Breakin in Early November

By Elsa Lindner
Image Credit: Elsa Lindner
Intoxicated man broke in late at night to sit on comfortable looking couch

At about 3 a.m. on November 2, a man believed to be intoxicated smashed the window in the back of AUP's Passage Landrieu building. According to Marc Montheard, Vice President for Student Services and Security, the man simply “wandered a bit and came back to sit in front of the smashed window where the cops picked him up less than 10 minutes after they got the call from the concierge of the building.”

In regards to the danger of this kind of event, Montheard said that the window is 11 millimeters thick and made to not fall at once. He said he is not concerned because if this incident had taken “place during the day, and people were on the couch at that moment, they would not have been heavily impacted - scared but not injured - by big chunks of glass falling on them at once.” Montheard reiterated that he was not concerned, and said that if this was attempted during the day, students would have plenty of time to get away from the window, as it would take many tries to break the glass. 

Image Credit: Elsa Lindner

For a period in the PL building, a slab of plywood took the place of the normal floor-to-ceiling windows, but that has now been replaced by new glass. In the future, although the couches do look very comfy and inviting, it's advised that late-night passersby find a better method to attain comfort than going to the effort of breaking the window.