Oct 19th, 2021, 09:24 PM

AUP’s 2021 Fall Essentials Playlist

By Leigh Lucaßen
Image credit: Unsplash/Freestocks
Dive into a seasonal playlist made from student recommended songs.

The sun sets at seven in the evening, the leaves are turning every shade of red and brown and cafés all over the city are selling pumpkin-spiced everything. Undeniably - it's fall. 

With the weather growing increasingly cold and unpredictable, many students find themselves huddled in the warmth of the AMEX with a hot beverage, listening to music on their headphones and chatting away with friends. It is there that the recommendations for AUP's 2021 Fall Playlist were collected.

"Fall is a bit more mellow," said one student. "So I listen to a lot of slow stuff. It's all very calm."

Image credit: Leigh Lucaßen

The songs that were recommended ranked all the way from classic rock to Kpop. Even country songs were suggested. And, with October being 'spooky-season', it is no surprise that Monster Mash was mentioned a total of four times.

Some artists featured on the playlist include WILLOW, David Bowie, Hozier and girl in red. 

The playlist can be found on Spotify.


Happy listening!