Oct 2nd, 2018, 10:06 PM

October Preview

By Joan Jessiman
Image Credit: Flikr/StephanieCook
A peek at what Paris has in store for the month of October.

October this year in Paris is packed full of events happening in and around the city. The fall month is known to have a few key events such as Nuit Blanche or the Salon du Chocolat. Though art and chocolate are great, there are endless other events, exhibits, and spaces to explore during the month that are less well known. For many AUP students who are graduating, making the most of each month in Paris is a key goal. If you want to pack it all in and get the most out of your October in Paris here is a preview of what’s to come.

The Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe is a horse racing event that is taking place on October 6th and 7th. For the past 100 years Parisians have been attending the Prix de L’arc de Triomphe, making it one of the largest racing events in France. The races take place in Bois du Boulogne at the Hippodrome de Longchamp race track. Thousands attend as famous thoroughbred racehorses compete for various titles. If you feel like dressing up and sipping some champagne book your tickets in advance. This is something that's fun and uncommon to do that won't break the bank.

Nuit Blanche or White Night is an annual event in Paris that is right around the corner. The city is preparing for one of its biggest art events of the year which kicks off October 6. This month all about the arts in Paris. New exhibits open and it’s a chance to be a part of the Paris art scene. Plan to stay up late as museums, galleries, installations, and other popular spots around Paris stay open night or all night. Many museums offer entry free of charge as well as show exhibits not normally available for public viewing. Nuit Blanche is a great yearly event that brings Paris together as a hub or art and culture.

Image Credit: Flikr/IsabelSchultz (Nuit Blanche at the Pompidu 2017)

Beginning on October 3, the Foundation Louis Vuitton is presenting a solo exhibit of Jean-Michel Basquiat. The exhibit follows the artists career from 1980 to 1988 in 120 works. The whole of the museum displays his most recognizable works, like The Trilogy Heads - presented here together for the first time - as well as pieces that have been rarely or never displayed like Offensive Orange (1982) from Conde Nast Traveler. The Louis Foundation Museum is located in Paris' 16th arrondissement not far from the race tracks at Bois du Boulogne. If you have time try to fit both in!

Are you a wine lover? If so check out the Montmartre Wine Harvest going on in Paris' 18th arrondissement from October 10 to 14. Did you know that there are small vineyards that surround the brilliant white church of Sacre-Coeur? If you didn't that's okay, and you can just taste the wine. There are a few local vineyards that produce a small amount of wine each year which they bottle and have for this event. During these few days Montmartre is alive and busy with “wine tasting, local foods, music, street performers, and fireworks display,” as explained in Paris Perfect. During the wine harvest there are walking tours that explore the neighborhood and learn about the historical parts of Montmartre. With the days getting colder and Christmas markets not quite open, it's the perfect place to get a cup of hot mulled wine. 

Image Credit:Flikr/SonofCroucho

Not a wine lover? How about beer? Continue your month of festivities with some drinking at Paris Oktoberfest form October 4 to the 14. Located at Porte de la Villette in the 19th arrondissement there is a huge Oktoberfest celebration. There is music, dancing, food, games, and lots of drinking. If you like different kinds of beer this might be a great event to pop into. Stay for one beer or dust off your lederhosen and get ready for a long night at Paris’ Oktoberfest. Tickets are 24-44 euros which include 15 euros for drink tickets.

Les Journées des Plantes de Courson is one of the biggest flower shows of the season in Paris. It takes places from October 19 to 21 at the Chateau de Chantilly just 30 minutes north of the city. “There are over 200 exhibitors in a stunning setting with pretty flowers and plants, what’s not to love,” said a Secrets of Paris review. Tickets in advance are 17 euros and 20 euros at the door. If you have a free day it’s worth checking this out. There are normally display flower pieces that are judged as well as anything flower related you could want. It’s the perfect place to pick up a cherry bouquet of flowers to brighten up cold October.

As mentioned before, the Salon du Chocolat is an annual event in Paris taking place at Porte de Versailles from October 31 to November 4. The Salon du Chocolat is a must-attend event for chocolate lovers. With over 500 participants from 60 countries including 200 renowned chefs and pastry chefs, each years Salon du Chocolat is one you won’t want to miss. You’re able to buy tickets in advance but a good tip is to ask your favorite chocolate shop if they have any extra invitations. Each year there are stunning all chocolate creations, pastries, candies, and cakes. Don't think because its a ‘salon’ it’s a small affair, it takes place in a huge exhibition hall filled with people earning free samples. This is a very popular event in Paris so book in advance if possible.

If you're interested in more events happening this month in Paris here is a great website to check out.