Mar 16th, 2016, 02:34 PM

This Instagram Update Will Change the Way You Use It

By Eva Gudnason
Image Credit: DeviantArt/eddyreis
Instagram is taking notes from Facebook to make more personalized accounts.

As every user knows, time is of the essence with Instagram. The app currently operates by releasing photos chronologically.  

That's all going to change with their latest update. Algorithms will track which accounts or photos the user tends to interact with most, and then assess which photos you would like to see the most which will appear first when you check the app. If this seems familiar, it is because it is a similar to what Facebook, who owns Instagram, currently uses.

Since this announcement, there hasn't exactly been a positive response. Many news articles, including this one from engadget, are cringing at this update. Despite Instagram's good intentions, this upgrade seems like a downgrade.

Speaking for myself, I'm too not particularly excited about this update. I don't want an algorithm telling me what I want to see more of or what I think its most important. It can mind its own business. 


If you haven't seen this already, a lot of users are posting pictures that say "turn on post notifications" or #turnmeon so their followers can be alerted instantly when that user posts something. Sadly, it's not a way to avoid the update. Your phone will just be going off, dinging every time a new photo is posted, and if you follow around 200 people, your phone is most likely going to go into cardiac arrest. 

Via Time Magazine