Oct 20th, 2015, 02:44 PM

Why You Really Should Workaway

By Madelaine Walker
Image credit: Free 4K wallpapers
Fulfill your Wanderlust for (almost) free!

We all dream of traveling the world but our bank accounts don't always dream of the same thing. If so, why not follow the lead of Stevo Dirnberger and Chanel Cartell, a couple who quit their advertising jobs to travel the world for a year using the website Workaway? Workaway is an online company that connects volunteers with hosts in places all around the world. 

You have to pay a two year subscription that is €23 for an individual and €30 for a couple (or two friends) but once you have made this small commitment then all you have to do is start searching for your dream destination. There are hosts virtually everywhere, including Canada, Southeast Asia, Asia, Africa, Australia, where ever you wish. Once you find a host and read a little about them and find them to your liking you just have to contact them. After messaging back and forth with your host, if you both agree, you just then have to buy your ticket and head on out.

In almost all host-volunteer agreements you work about 5 hours a day, maximum, the rest of they day is all your own.  You don't have to pay for accommodations or food, unless you eat out. This definitely helps keep the cost of traveling down. Hosts can require volunteers to stay for at least one month while others are okay with volunteers staying for just one week.

Image credit: Workaway

Disclosure: The jobs you may have to accept may not be the most exciting or even the most glamorous jobs but it's just a small price to pay for all the greater things out there and a chance to meet people across the world. 

So go ahead and take a peak at Workaway and don't be afraid to browse the city you dream of visiting. You never know the people you may meet at the host's home if you aren't the only volunteer staying there. Your host could even wind up being a close friend. If you want to meet people traveling the world while sustaining the money to keep doing it, you might might end up spending your time with you buddies in the pictures above.