Nov 14th, 2015, 01:32 PM

Rotterdam in a Day

By Nutsa Melitauri
Image credit: Instagram/angelmicheal_
Going to the Netherlands? You should visit Rotterdam!

Going to the Netherlands as a tourist, Amsterdam is always the first priority to visit. Tourists frequently limit their scopes with Amsterdam and the Hague, leaving the country’s second largest city, Rotterdam, unvisited. The idea that Rotterdam is a boring city is absolutely false as there are many reasons why you should definitely spend some time in this city.

1. Rotterdam is the Europe’s largest port city.

Not many people know that the Port of Rotterdam, covering 105 square kilometers, is currently the biggest port in Europe and the sixth biggest in the world by annual cargo throughput. Because of Rotterdam’s this function it is constructed entirely on the water – having many small residential islands connected to one another.

Image credit: Instagram/rotterdamport

2. The city has an unusually modern architecture.

Rotterdam has the exceptional reputation when it comes down to architecture. The buildings are nothing like the ones found in the cities like Paris, designed in the classical style. The cube houses with innovative cubic designs, Erasmus Bridge - the iconic monument of Rotterdam, the Euromast, the highest tower of the city are all vivid examples of the city’s contemporary design which goes even beyond the modern style. Interestingly, these modern buildings of Rotterdam are juxtaposed with WWI conservative small houses found the Delfshaven district.


Image credit: Instagram/ahannushkaa

3. Rotterdam is the city of shopping malls.

Rotterdam is the Netherlands best shopping experience with many major department stores, shoe and fashion stores, located down town Rotterdam as well as outside the city. The famous shopping streets in the city include Lijnbaan, Hoogstraat, and Meent that are in a walking distance from one another. The two huge malls located outside the city centre are Zuidplein mall and Alexandrium mall. They are the largest shopping malls in the Netherlands, working 7 days a week.


Image credit: Instagram/lijbnaan78

Since Rotterdam is not a big city, every attraction is in a walking distance from one another, making the city experience even more enjoyable. All these places can be seen in a day, so visiting the Netherlands you should definitely find a day to explore these amazing places! Visiting Rotterdam means discovering the Europe’s largest port, exploring the most contemporary architecture and hours and hours of shopping!