Oct 23rd, 2015, 12:45 PM

Explore Antique Row in the Marais

By Christina Gregory
An antique shop on Rue Saint-Paul. Image Credit: Christina Gregory
Spend a weekend perusing through antique haven in Village Saint-Paul.

In the heart of the fourth arrondissement, the streets are lined with antique shops of all types in the Village Saint-Paul. For anyone who loves antiques, this area is a gold mine. Ranging from clothes to jewelry to old books and maps to antique silverware and glassware, you can find almost anything. A stroll down Rue Saint-Paul is a must for any new or experienced antique hunter. 

Image Credit: Christina Gregory

Lined with archways leading to little residential courtyards and cobblestoned side streets, the main street leads to smaller alleyways where you'll find unique boutiques and cafes. If the stores alone aren't enough for your liking, on the weekends, the antique shops spill out onto the streets for brocantes where you can find trinkets all the way from the medieval times to the 1960s.

Image Credit: Christina Gregory

You can also expect to find items from cultures outside of France. Antique items from Mexico, America, and China can all be found in boutiques along this street. On Rue Saint-Paul, it is easy to find a shop that is perfect for your liking and is also within your price range.

Image Credit: Christina Gregory

Le Village Saint-Paul

Rue Saint Paul

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