Mar 25th, 2020, 02:14 PM

Reconsideration of Eating Habits During Lockdown

By Liberty Inocencio
Home-cooked meals. Image credit: Liberty Inocencio
With an unfamiliar amount of time indoors, how can we explore new recipes and put our everyday consumption habits into perspective?

In light of the pandemic putting global health at risk, France has been on lockdown since Tuesday, March 17. This initiative is due to span a minimum of two weeks, though will likely last much longer considering the rapidly spreading virus. 

It is essential that we follow such advice from government and health officials, which means we are collectively going to be spending nearly all of our time indoors. Whether with family, roommates, or alone, such an abrupt change in our daily lives is overwhelming and even daunting, yet underwhelming, for boredom will inevitably strike all of us. There are only so many things that we can do to keep ourselves stimulated while socially distanced.

Such a vast amount of free time allots for reconsideration of our consumption habits as well as what we take for granted. This may include media, exercise, stimulation and creativity, feeling productive, fresh air, relaxation, friendships, and family who may be thousands of miles away. 

Diet, though, is certainly a habit that is prominent to our survival no matter what, and something we regard continuously throughout the day. What we eat, when we eat, how much we eat, what foods give us comfort, and what foods give us energy are all important questions to ask ourselves right now. 

One way we can all keep this domain of our lives exciting is through cooking. Perhaps you typically opt for snacks or take out, or have routinely made a variation of the same meal every night for dinner.

I encourage you to broaden your palette and try a couple of delicious recipes from an AUP student that will not disappoint.