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How to Get a Guy to Fall in Love with You

By Jomana Saber
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It's time to go back to tried-and-true seduction techniques.

With Tinder swiping and other online hook-up sites, dating is getting messy these days. It's all about looks and sex. Maybe it's time to go back to tried-and-true seduction techniques.

It's not hard to get a guy. In fact, you get can get a guy to fall in love with you.

Yes ladies, it is easy. First, watch the movies The Ugly Truth and John Tucker Must Die. Then follow these steps. 

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1. The Game: Always play hard to get.

Girls, I can't stress this too much. It's all about the “game”. Men are hunters, you are the prey. Some of you might be thinking, "I'm too mature for that game" or "that's so old fashion". But no matter, it works! Don’t overdo it, though, because you might scare him off.

Let me break it down for you.

* In a bar or on a cafe terrace, never make the first move. Flirt with your eyes. Use eye contact to invite him to come over and talk to you. Don't stare. Every now and then, while talking to your friends, meet his eyes with a seductive look. 

* Once you are seeing him, take a step forward, then a step back. Show that you are interested one day, but another day not so much. Don’t always be available. You don’t want to seem too clingy. On the telephone, keep your conversations short and flirty. Always be the one to end the conversation. 

*Never call him first. When he calls, don't answer right away.

* Be mysterious, in a good way, of course. Make him want to know more about you. Don't tell him your life story on the first date. Build it up, like in the series “Game of Thrones”, creating expectations in each episode, but leaving him with a mystery at the end.

* Don’t accept every time he asks you out. Tell him you're busy about 40% of the time. Even if your not busy, pretend that you are. And don't cancel any plans for him, unless he is taking you on his private jet to fly you to Rome for dinner.

2. The First Date

* Look gorgeous.

* Please don't order salad. Men actually likes women who are natural. He knows you eat burgers with your hands. Don’t be fake.

* Be classy, don’t talk and act like you're from the hood.

* Smile and laugh, don’t look nervous. Be confident, it's the most attractive thing about you.

* Let him pay the bill. You can always offer to pay or just grab your wallet like your about to pay, just to be polite. If he lets you pay on your first couple of dates, you don’t want this guy. He is no gentlemen. If he's broke, he takes you on a low-key place, it doesn't have to be too fancy, but he should never let you pay.

3. Kissing on the first date

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Its okay to kiss him on your first date and it's also okay not to; both works. However, if you decide to kiss him on your first date, keep it short and simple. No French-kissing tongue action or hair pulling. Just keep it simple and quick. Leave him wanting more. You better be a good kisser, if you're not practice with a friend or a kissing tutor. 

4. Don't sleep with him

I know it's hard, especially if he's so attractive and you really like him. But you should wait until he says the three words “I love you”, or when you officially become his girlfriend. The longer he waits, the more he will respect you.

5. Always look on point

He is not in love with you yet, so he wouldn’t want to stick around if you have zero makeup on or you're having a bad hair day.  I'm not saying overdo it, but most men like simplicity. Be simple. Try the “makeup no makeup" look. Wear sexy clothes but don't reveal too much, you don't want to look trashy. Look clean, smell nice, and take care of yourself.

6. He has to see you attractive somehow

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Not all of us have that gorgeous glowing face and perfect body. But we all have something that makes us unique. He has to see that, whether it's your smile, laugh, cute clumsiness, or even the boyish side of you. I don’t want to sound like a cliché and say “be yourself”, so I'll be more specific. Make sure he sees what is different about you.

7. Be Cool

If he likes to play videogames, learn how to play. If he is interested in basketball, let him talk all night about that. He will find you cool and very attractive. You will become his best friend. He will be comfortable around you. He would even prefer to talk and spend time with you then his own friends.

8. Take it to the next level

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You need to connect. Chemistry is very important. You need to add personal touches like remembering his birthday or important upcoming events that he has been looking forward to. Help him with his problems and be understanding. Listen to him, be his friend and show that you care. Show him pictures of your family and when you were a baby. Stay up all night talking to him about any and everything.

Note: When you are done with the chemistry stage and getting closer, you want to check if he really cares or not. Did this actually work or not. Here is how. Ask him for a favor, anything. Like, "I'm having trouble with my school assignment", or "I'm having trouble fixing my washing machine". See how he reacts. If he helps you and shows you that you can rely on him, he is defiantly hooked.

Another thing that you could try is making him jealous. You have to be smart about it though. If you overdo it he might think that your either doing it on purpose or that you are just flirting with everybody. Show him that you have a line waiting for you but you still choose him. 

9. Trust

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He needs to trust you. You need to show him that you are loyal and classy, that you are not sleeping around or talking to other men and keeping it an open relationship. 

10. Compliment him

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Guys are human beings, they want to hear good things about themselves. Avoid saying things like "you have beautiful eyes” or “your body is amazing”. He probably has heard those compliments before. It loses its meaning and you become like every other girl. Focus on other traits, like his way of thinking about things, or maybe how hard he works to achieve his goals. 

11. Show him how much of a man you think he is

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Ladies, this is one of the most important points. Women are attracted to men who can see her femininity. Try saying “whenever I'm around you, I feel safe”. He will feel like Superman. If he feels manly with you, he will be drawn to you, because he will only feel like that with you, and no one else.

12. Don't say it first

Unless your 100% sure that this guy is falling for you, don't say those three words before he does. If you do, and you get rejected, you'll be heartbroken. However, show it to him in every other way, so he is encouraged to express his feelings.

John Tucker Must Die

Good luck ladies!