Oct 9th, 2017, 11:05 AM

Emerging Artists to Catch in Paris: October Edition

By Vidisha Jain
Jacob Banks. Image Credit: Concentus Music
A monthly series showing you the best new artists touring in Paris, both international and local.

If you’re bored of hearing Despacito on the radio ten times an hour, and craving to listen to some new music—Paris has a lot on offer. But Peacock has you covered, with the top picks of new music to see this month right here.


Country: Norway
Where and when: 7 PM, La Trabendo, 211 Avenue Jean Jaures, 75019

A DJ producer who’s more than just background noise at a nightclub, you can enjoy Magnus Hoiberg aka Cashmere Cat at his night. He’s produced for the likes of Kanye West, so get down here to check out his tunes and remixes of your favorite hits.

Cashmere Cat - Quit (Lyric Video) ft. Ariana Grande

SATURDAY 14: Jacob Banks

Country: UK
Where and when: 7: 30 PM, Le Pop Up Du Label, 14, rue Abel, 75012

Birmingham lad who’s making soul cool again, as he introduces a contemporary perspective to the genre, delivered with an edge to a pop craving audience. After a successful UK-US run this year including spots at SXSW (pictured above), support this revolutionary musician on his European tour.

Jacob Banks - Unknown (To You) Official Music Video

MONDAY 16: Steve Coleman

Country: USA
Where and when: 8 PM, La Petite Halle, 211 avenue Jean Jaurès, 75019

If you want to step away from commercial hits for one second and enjoy a community music vibe, then see Steve Coleman live. He is someone who performs to perform and no ulterior motive. Primarily a saxophonist, he has a musically authentic performance which can appeal to music lovers of all forms.

Steve Coleman and Five Elements

TUESDAY 17: Thayer Sarrano

Country: USA
Where and when: 8 PM, Pop In, 105 Rue Amelot, 75011

Sarrano goes a step beyond the music to show off her visually artistic side to her live performances. Influenced by her Church upbringing, she fuses her electronic production with organs and pedals, to give a spooky but enchanting sound.

Thayer Sarrano - CREASE (Official Video)

WEDNESDAY 18: Declan McKenna

Country: UK
Where and when: 8 PM, La Maroquinerie, 23 Rue Boyer, 75020

Declan is one of England’s youngest and fastest rising artists, bringing grungy pop music back to the forefront. He’s toured all over the world in the last year and now embarks on Europe again for the release of his new album.

Declan McKenna - Paracetamol (Official Video)

SATURDAY 21: Busty and the Bass

Country: Canada
Where and when: 7:30 PM, La Boule Noire, 120 Bd Rochechouart, 75018

Hands down best band I’ve ever seen. A big statement, but they deserve it. A 9 piece band who fuses all types of genres to make music that is first of its kind, combining jazz and funk, the brass section includes synths, keys, melodies, and some hip-hop. I’ve seen this band numerous times before and won’t ever be able to see them enough; each gig is a party.

Busty and the Bass - Memories and Melodies LIVE


Country: UK
Where and when: 8 PM, Point Ephémère, 200 Quai De Valmy, 75010

Dangerous, dark, and daring rock music with a contemporary spin. There’s shamelessness to the band’s composition, instrumentation and overall delivery that makes them one of the most intriguing bands out there.

INHEAVEN - World On Fire

THURSDAY 26: Flyte

Country: UK
Where and when: 7:30 PM, La Maroquinerie, 23 Rue Boyer, 75020

A band with the classic singer-songwriter charm at the backbone. It’s clear while watching Flyte that everything they sing, they mean. Instrumentally advanced far beyond their years, they fall into the more classic pop bands that took over the world in the 60s and onwards.

Flyte - Cathy Come Home


Country: UK
Where and when: 8 PM, Le Pop Up du Label, 14 rue Abel, 75012

Electronic pop might be overdone these days, but Pixx does so in a unique way. A hypnotizing composition; simple guitar with a deep voice and a gradual build-up gets you involved with each song from the start.

Pixx - I Bow Down