Oct 5th, 2017, 06:54 PM

The Condom Fairy Comes to AUP

By Marly Phillips Nicol
Image Credit: Jackie Wegwerth
Yes, it is just as magical as it sounds.

This mythical creature may not have been present at any of the other magical holidays, but I’m sure Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny, or Freddy Krueger would not mind sharing their respective nights with her. Although she has not arrived yet, and therefore missed many of your special moments in the past, she is sure to be present at many of your special moments to come.

The Condom Fairy is an initiative being launched by the GenSex club in an effort to increase the percentage of safe sex that is taking place with university students. The GenSex Club is an LGBTQ Group that is open to all AUP students, whether they be a sexual minority or majority, as a resource that provides sexual health information. This wide range of information can range from how one might get tested for STDs all the way to how one might obtain the morning after pill.

The Condom Fairy Initiative is the brainchild of the GenSex Club’s President, Sarah Thomas, who believes that it will increase the percentage and bypass the awkward interaction of Anglophones asking for condoms in the Francophone pharmacies. Sarah, during an interview, described how the process will work,

“The premise [for the Condom Fairy Initiative] is that you email GenSex@aup.edu asking for a specific number of condoms and a specific type [latex free, different sizes, male or female, and yes, even vegan condoms] and attach your mailbox number.”

Then through different anonymous channels, the Condom Fairy delivers the condoms right to your mailbox. The whole process is completely incognito and even better than that, completely free! There will be certain precautions put in place to ensure that people do not abuse the system, such as you are only able to order a certain amount of times a month and there will, of course, be a cap on that number, so no requests of “infinity condoms please”. However, they are still ironing all these kinks out.

Having just secured the funds from AUP’s student senate last week, they are looking to have the initiative up and running within the next couple of weeks. If one would like to pre-order feel free to do so, but do expect a waiting time during this period. The GenSex Club will also be hosting a ‘Navigating Sexual Health in Paris’ event on the 16th of November. The event will take place at 18:30 in C-104 and is open to all AUP students.

Hopefully, with this new drive on campus, there will be a little more spunk in people’s step.