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Gender Less

By Carenina Sanchez
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Women fashion for men is becoming more and more a thing each day. Let’s see how skirts and skinny jean are doing in men’s fashion.

When you think of women’s fashion there seems to be no limit. From full sheer dresses to feminine tuxedo suits women have it all and can get away with lot more than man.

Men’s fashion is a style women can wear but when you flip it around it gets a lot more political.  Men’s fashion gave women the chance to wear baggy manly top, sneakers, the boyfriend jeans and much more.

Since the 80s there has been some big transformations on men fashion trends, as well as in women’s fashion. Girl styles like skirts and skinny jeans have snuck their way into men’s fashion but how accepted are they in society today?

                                                  Man Skirts, Not Kilts But Man Skirts

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Laura Irwin, a writer for Bellatory says “Apparently, as long as you put the word "man" in front of "skirts", it's politically correct and perfectly acceptable for a man to go prancing around in a skirt.” But what’s so wrong with guys who wear skirts? “Skirts are just fabric. Clothing has no gender.” Pax Ahimsa Gethen, for the Huffington Post writes. If women are now accepted to wear pants why can’t men wear skirts? Yes, it took a while for women to be accepted in pants, but at an age where we are more socially accepting than ever, what is the problem with man wearing man skirts?

Image Credit: Now the End Begins, Jonathan Anderson Runway

Vogue published an article called “Marc Jacobs Is Doing It. So Is Stefano Pilati. Men in Womenswear Is Not Just a Runway Gimmick”, by Alexander Fury early last year.

He writes, “Men in womenswear has often been a taboo subject. Women started wearing pants en masse back in the ’20s and ’30s; they became a fashion item in the ’60s with Yves Saint Laurent. Today, women wearing menswear is so common as to be ubiquitous—the boyfriend jean, the boy short, all manner of slouchy, outsize garments simply dubbed “mannish. Menswear, it seems, is finally catching up. Granted, despite almost 40 years of runway reiteration, we’re a fair way from men seeing the skirt as a viable alternative to pants (sorry, Jean Paul Gaultier). But just as women have borrowed double-duty clothes from men’s closets, the guys are getting in on the action now.

Fashion designers are, naturally, some of the most forward-thinking of dressers. Londoner Edward Meadham, one half of shuttered label Meadham Kirchhoff and the designer behind the broken bride gowns at Sophia Webster’s Fall presentation in London, is habitually dressed in mixed-up Miu Miu (a favorite women’s-only label), as well as pieces he designed himself. Jacobs wears not only his own womenswear but that by Miuccia Prada and Rei Kawakubo—he sported a lace dress by the latter to the Met Ball in 2012. And the last time I saw Stefano Pilati, former designer of Yves Saint Laurent and until February of the Italian menswear brand Ermenegildo Zegna, he was wearing a pair of his generously cut Zegna trousers with a skinny red tweed Chanel jacket, laced through with a leather-tangled chain belt. It could have been one of those few Chanel menswear pieces that end up on resale websites like, but I somehow doubt it.”

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On the contrary of man skirts, skinny jeans seems to be doing well in the male fashion market. Today alone I’ve seen tons of men with them on.

         Girls Have Their Boyfriend Jeans So Why Can't Guys Have Their Girlfriend Jeans?

Image Credit: The Idle Man

Tight skinny jeans for boys is a hot topic and a hot style today. We've seen it before during the 80s and 90s in punk rock bands and teen boy style.

Since its' comeback the style has progressed and it’s safe to say it’s not going anywhere—even with the flared jeans trend happening now. The skinny jean has transformed into a basic, must-have for both men and women.

                                                                    Image Credit: Branded Girls

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“They’re cool! Hedi thought so at Dior Homme; he still thinks so at Saint Laurent. For those worried about the “trendiness” of skinny jeans, I’d venture that they aren’t really “a trend.” They’re a basic, if you like them. That’s it. A wardrobe classic for the 2000s, as normal as—I don’t know—the waistcoat for the 1920s.” (Vogue)

                                                                                         Image Credit: GQ

Man skinny jeans have been socially accepted. This style for men is still growing while the skinny jean get skinnier and skinnier.

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